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NOT MY PRES: anti-Trump protests (photos)

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Protest the dictator and "let's make America great again" but for real, not a trucker hat slogan.
Anti-Pres. Trump protest in front of Trump Towers, NY, on 11/9, the new 9/11 (AP)

NO Dakota Access Pipe Line (NoDAPL)!
Welcome to political-consciousness. (It's about time you arrived). Part of waking up is becoming sensitive to the social situation. Buddhism is the marriage of wisdom and compassion.

So as "Engaged Buddhists," let us be mindful that although Jill Stein did not win (the 5% needed for there to finally be a viable third party option in American politics), at least Hillary lost. 

H*ll no! Hated in the US.
If Hillary had stolen this election the way she stole the primary and the way Bush stole it from Gore and Kerry, we'd all stay asleep for eight more years of wars of US aggression, drone assassinations, torture programs, unrestricted money in politics, and mass surveillance on everyone -- citizens of the world -- not paying attention or even suspected of any wrongdoing, we would all remain asleep

What happened? I've been sick.
But to make her lose, we have had to settle for the lesser of two evils in the duopoly that is the RepubloCrat party, otherwise known as the Corporate Money Party, just as candidate Stein warned us we are in the habit of doing. (Yes, bad as he is, he was the lesser of the two evils).

Next time, if there is a next time, let's not let people like Hillary and establishment mainstream Democrats steal it from the candidate the majority of voters actually wanted, which in this case was Bernie Sanders

And now, Mr. Trump, please proceed to destroy Washington...or be destroyed by Washington. Drain the swamp or swim in it like a Fat Cat who has forgotten he hates water. (Which, reader, do you suppose he will do? Of course!)

Money makes this country go around.
Our phony democracy does not allow for real change. Just ask the disgraceful failure Obama. (But I thought he was good? Good at what, making more war than Bush and Cheney combined? Selling us out at every turn, including instituting the insurance-industry-giveaway Romneycare? Living up to that Nobel Peace Prize by signing off on drone murder every Tuesday or bragging about murdering an Osama bin Laden stand-in?

Therefore, it's about time you join the protests and do something about it. Get engaged, get active, wake up. Get up, stand up, stand up for your... You know the song.

Anti-Trump protests erupt on 11/9
Shut up! Sit down. I'm your leader. You're fired! I'm making money on this deal (AP).
CHICAGO (AP) - The raw divisions exposed by the presidential race were on full display across America on Wednesday, as protesters flooded city streets to condemn Donald Trump's election in demonstrations that police said were mostly peaceful.

From New England to heartland cities like Kansas City and along the West Coast, many thousands of demonstrators carried flags and anti-Trump signs, disrupting traffic and declaring that they refuse to accept Trump's triumph.
In Chicago, where thousands had recently poured into the streets to celebrate the Chicago Cubs' first World Series victory in over a century, several thousand people marched through the Loop. They gathered outside Trump Tower, chanting "Not my president!"
Chicago resident Michael Burke said he believes the president-elect will "divide the country and stir up hatred." He added there was a constitutional duty not to accept that outcome. A similar protest in Manhattan drew about 1,000 people. Outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in midtown, police installed barricades to keep the demonstrators at bay.

Hundreds of protesters gathered near Philadelphia's City Hall despite chilly and wet weather. Participants -- who included both supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who [couldn't do anything to avoid being robbed of the nomination by scheming Hillary] Clinton in the primary -- expressed anger at both Republicans and Democrats over the election's outcome.
In Boston, thousands of anti-Trump protesters streamed through downtown, chanting "Trump's a racist" and carrying signs that said "Impeach Trump" and "Abolish Electoral College."
    I'm a FED enforcer.
  • [Trump, in a moment of poetic justice and to ironically show how rigged the system is by Republicans, lost the popular vote but, like Bush, still got elected by electoral votes. We don't have a real democracy, a direct democracy, or even a representative democracy. We have a rigged system where you give your opinion with your vote, if you can manage to vote and not be suppressed and excluded, and the electoral college of 500 or so delegates actually picks who they want for president with no obligation to obey the popular vote. Welcome to reality.]
Clinton appears to be on pace to win the popular vote, despite losing the electoral count that decides the presidential race.
The protesters gathered on Boston Common before marching toward the Massachusetts Statehouse, with beefed-up security including extra police officers. A protest that began at the Minnesota State Capitol Tuesday night with about 100 people swelled at is moved into downtown St. Paul, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. Protesters blocked downtown streets and traveled west on University Avenue where they shouted expletives about Trump in English and Spanish.
There were other Midwest protest marches in Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri. In Des Moines, Iowa, hundreds of students walked out of area high schools at 10:30 a.m. to protest Trump's victory, the Des Moines Register reported. The protests, which were coordinated on social media, lasted 15 to 45 minutes.
Maybe Rage will play some free shows?
Marchers protesting Trump's election chanted and carried signs in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. Media outlets broadcast video Wednesday night showing a peaceful crowd in front of the new downtown hotel. Many chanted, "No racist USA, no Trump, no KKK."
  • "Racist, sexist, anti-gay. We don't want Trump. Make him go away!"
  •  "Orange is the new black. That's not OK! F**k Trump. Hooray!"
  • "Pence, you're our man. Rule b'cuz Trump can't. We're just sayin', he's better than Mc'Kaine!"
  • "Donald, Donald, go to heaven. But it's nice up there like Manhattan!"
  • "Donald, Donald, go to ____! We don't want you! Can't you tell?"
Another group stood outside the White House. They held candles, listened to speeches, and sang songs. Dallas activists gathered by the dozens outside the city's sports arena, the American Airlines Center.

Love the flag as a leftist symbol they stole
In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland, burned American flags and forced a delay for trains on two light-rail lines. Earlier, the protest in downtown drew several Trump supporters, who taunted the demonstrators with signs. A lone Trump supporter was chased across Pioneer Courthouse Square and hit in the back with a skateboard before others intervened.
Several thousand chanting, sign-waving people gathered in Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, California. A night earlier, in the hours after Trump won the election, Oakland demonstrators broke windows and did other damage.
In San Francisco, hundreds are marching along Market Avenue, one of the city's main avenues, to join a vigil in the Castro District, a predominantly gay neighborhood. In Los Angeles, protesters on the steps of City Hall burned a giant papier mache Trump head in protest, later, in the streets they whacked a Trump piƱata.
Hundreds massed in downtown Seattle streets. Many held anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter signs and chanted slogans, including "Misogyny has to go," and "The people united, will never be defeated." Five people were shot and injured in an area near the protest, but police said the shootings and the demonstration were unrelated.
Back in New York, several groups of protesters caused massive gridlock as police mobilized to contain them under a light rain. They held signs that read "Trump Makes America Hate" and chanted "hey, hey, ho, ho Donald Trump has got to go." and "Impeach Trump." More

Now what?
Now what? Business-as-usual. NPR is already on board with a Trump presidency, just like they were for Bush when he stole those elections. Soon the mainstream media, which prmoted him in the first place, will co-opt him. Middle America, you didn't really think you could trust a snake, did you? No, of course not; it's just that the Democrats scared you with the unholy alternative of even more Clinton corruption. At least Trump won by the crooked and rigged rules Crooked Hillary was playing by.

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Hey, what did I tell you, buddy? Now you run the country while I amke America great again. And you can have the master bedroom at the White House because I'll be at Trump Tower running my business with my kids in their name, of course. - But that's not legal, Mr. Trump. - Legal schmeegal, dummy, who's going to know the difference? This country's asleep.

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