Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Former (literal) Nazi Pope Angers Jews

NOTE: WQ's interfaith efforts seek to understand the world. The pope (like the Dalai Lama, gay activist Rabbi Eger, and Miss California) is a political figure. So he...*

Although some deny it, and most Catholics are unaware of it, Pope Benedict XVI was in fact -- by his own admission in his memoirs -- a member of the Nazi Youth (NPR). This was in Germany, the pope's home (or father) land, as European correspondent Sylvia Poggioli reports on NPR today.
It was, he explains, compulsory service. Church leaders of course play this down, but some go so far as to deny it. It should therefore come as no real surprise that Israel is up in arms over the pontiff's visit to the Christian holy land.
The pope's stated aim is to reconcile with the Jews [now that they are a world power on par with the Church], which it is "irrevocably committed" to doing. He stated this to Israel's two chief rabbis. Will Jews worldwide accept the offer? Will Catholics accept homosexuality in the clergy? Gay marriage? Child molestation? Hypocrisy?
Morning Edition, May 12, 2009 · Pope Benedict XVI visited two of the key religious sites of Islam and Judaism today, Jerusalem's Temple Mount and the Western Wall. On the second day of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he also had separate meetings with Muslim and Jewish leaders. His visit has revealed just how delicate a political minefield the Holy Land can be for the pope. Steve Inskeep talks with NPR's Sylvia Poggioli about reaction to his visit.

Miss California keeps her crown, defends her speech
Carrie Prejean speaks out now that she is allowed to retain her crown and title despite a recent teen sexual photo scandal and comments opposing gay marriage. She holds back tears

Pretty, pampered dummy for free speech
PHOTOS: Nazi Youth symbol, Pope Benedict (middle-east-online.com); Miss California Carrie Prejean (OMG).

Pageant leader resigns
Miss California USA director Shanna Moakler says she no longer believes in the pageant. Her bold words

*So he, not Catholicism, is being scrutinized. The pope is the titular head of the Church, not an accurate representative of a billion plus Catholics worldwide. The same is true of Jews not represented by Israel or NPR. But most of all it is true of Californians who reject a beauty pageant contestant dubbed "Miss California" even when she defends freedom of speech and sexy photos while decrying expanded marriage rights.

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