Friday, July 31, 2009

Nepal hails "Goddess" from Ab-Fab TV show

LINK: Nepal Hails "Goddess" From "Absolutely Fabulous" (Robert Mackey)

On Sunday in Nepal, Joanna Lumley, the actress who starred in “Absolutely Fabulous,” was mobbed at the airport in Katmandu -- not by fans of the sitcom but by Gurkhas, the Nepalese fighters whose cause she has championed in Britain. Gurkhas have served in the British Army for nearly two centuries, but they were not allowed to retire to Britain until Ms. Lumley helped shame the British government into changing its policy two months ago.

As The Lede reported in May, Ms. Lumley, whose father served in the British Army with Gurkha soldiers, had pummeled a representative of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s government in a debate on live television over a previous plan to allow only a limited number of Gurkha veterans to settle in Britain. More>>

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