Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Amazon River Dolphin Healing (video)

Wisdom Quarterly (REPORTING)
Dolphins are amazing beyond belief. How many of us know that there are dolphins native to Nepal -- a landlocked Himalayan kingdom with no saltwater and no natural lakes, the reputed birthplace of the Buddha (Lumbini), where Buddha Boy now resides? Snow melt from Mt. Everest and other mountains creates rivers. And long ago it seems dolphins swam up (or were brought) and are now indigenous and endangered. But they continue to try to heal humans:

However they got up to the Himalayas, they're there. There's also a species in the Ganges River in neighboring India (and a Ganges shark). There is even a freshwater dolphin species in the Americas, in the greatest body of fresh water on Earth, the Amazon River.

This is a report on the healing power and compassion of the Brazilian pink river species. Sadly, natives in each of these countries either have fear-based superstitions or greed that provokes them to slaughter these mammals to the verge of extinction. This is in spite of the fact that one never hears of dolphins harming humans but only the contrary: Dolphins help humans, saving lives when we are drowning or lost or suffering illness (as in this video). They are like dogs to humankind, without having had their wild nature selected out. They are like "Man's best friend," Fido, the domesticated-wolf.

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