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UFOs: ChemTrails and US War in Space

(LINK) People, asked anonymously, know the government is lying and want disclosure.

Why ChemTrails are increasing
Wisdom Quarterly
Looked up lately? See those lines that linger then turn to haze? Those aren't natural, those aren't contrails (jet condensation), those aren't there by accident.

ChemTrails are composed of a toxic concoction of particulate heavy metals, aerosol dispersants, and human red blood cells. Now why would this be? The reason is that there is a "war in space" going on. The government is well aware of it and actively engaged, albeit secretly as is often the case with its military activities.

What in the world are "ChemTrails"?

It is not attempting to poison populations in major metropolitan areas. That's simple collateral damage, fallout from what it needs to accomplish the mission. The reason for the artificial "haze" is that UFO traffic easily avoids radar detection. But it can hardly get through the aerosol sensor array created by LinkChemTrails.

As they pass through it, as anything passes through it, they are detected. And apparently, judging from evidence like the report below, they are shot at. (It's not the first time. SEE VIDEO. The British government admitted its own attempt to shoot down alien craft*). More than one government has HAARP technology to use against its own populations and ETs.

How much evidence is enough evidence?

We are told that President Reagan's "Star Wars" technology never passed the legislative branch of government. No matter, there's a shadow government sitting presidents have referenced -- a military-industrial-pharmaceutical-complex -- with annual black budget operating expenditures that run into the billions of US dollars.

(Some say trillions, but that's hard to imagine). The money is siphoned off the books and poured into, among other things, a secret war in space. It's not new, but a look overhead indicates that it is intensifying. Part of the money goes to the successful PR campaign that has you and I and nearly everyone believing that "UFOs" are nonexistent joke.

We rightly laugh. We've been conditioned to. PR and propaganda are no joke: All our waking reality is an effort to put us into docile acceptance by anything that works. If Buddhists want to awaken, let them do it about woo-woo "spiritual" stuff. Their own money and government is none of their business. So ignore the here and now?

But if WikiLeak revelations reveal that the US government, even at the mundane level ironically still called "top secret" (there are many levels above top secret the executive branch of government has no access to), then whom will the joke be on? Gullible taxpayers suffering the worst recession in memory maybe?
  • *Black and white photo, an RAF attempt to shoot down a UFO, accompanied a news report on the British government's release of some of its UFO files. Color thumbnail is of widely reported UFO over China people were told they didn't see even as they were looking at it.

UFO footage compilation (with dramatic and distracting techno music)

Green triangle UFO takes "impact" from ball of light
Two Florida witnesses watched a "green triangle" UFO take an impact five times from a "white ball of light" after they pulled over along SR 528 on November 13, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

They first noticed the white ball of light, but as they traveled over a bridge, they also noticed a green triangle in the sky. They pulled their car off the road to stop and get a better look.

"White ball of light would travel from an obscured point (behind the bridge) near the water line in an indirect path, at variable speeds to rise and strike the green triangle," the reporting witness stated.

They observed the triangle to move when struck by the light.

"When struck, the triangle visibly moved from the apparent impact. On one impact, a flash of light occurred." The witness reports that there were a total of five impacts. They called 911 and reported the incident. They also observed a "law enforcement vehicle" pull up and stop.

The witnesses watched for 20 minutes, and then drove away, with the green triangle still in the sky.

Florida is a current UFO ALERT 5 rating... Watch List with Indiana and Missouri. Florida had 27 UFO sighting reports in October 2010. Details at UFO Examiner home page. The most up-to-date UFO information can be heard on the Web radio show UFO Traffic Report every Wednesday, 9 - 10:30 p.m. EST, which includes a UFO Witness Testimony Program segment, and an update of the UFO ALERT national rating system. Past shows are archived.

Green Triangle Taking Impact is MUFON Case #26565. UFO activity may be reported at

Silent raw NASA footage

Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
The mistake is believing that everyone in NASA or everyone in the government knows. Some do. Most do not. There's a secret government. Another mistake is to groundlessly assume that UFOs are one thing from one group. They are not all united, not all affiliated with one another, not all known, and not all friendly. Some are.

It's easy to doubt so long as we keep making false assumptions and disbelieving our eyes. We are docile in a semi-hypnotic state -- from fear, worry, stress, TV, coffee, exhaustion, sleeplessness, illness, and synthetic pharmaceutical toxicity, water fluoridation and Prozac is fluoride with an adverse effect on the pineal gland), and malnutrition (lots of calories, adrenal stressors, salt, stripped sugars, chemicals, but few utilizable nutrients).

And insist we will only believe when they tell us it is so. The very people who are actively lying to the world, covering up what even their own cameras can't help but pick up, and deceiving us -- we will not believe until they tell us it is okay to do so? That's the magic of successful PR. Thank you Bernays for your fine service to the country.

Regular UFO sightings are becoming a routine occurrence for NASA.

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