Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UFOs on Los Angeles radio

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Finally, a serious look at the Disclosure Project with Dr. Steven Greer: drivetime KPFK DJ Cary Harrison (GoHarrison.com) interviewed Greer at Sundance for today's broadcast. Today's show follows on the heels of a rare interview with the maker of "Zeitgeist: The Movie" series
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Dr. Greer is deeply embedded in the US space program, SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), and the disclosure of secret (or "black budget") semi-governmental projects. The word "semi" here is important because the government sponsoring these things is not the one we elect or think of as our "government." Top officials, the face of government, are not briefed and are in fact denied access if they try to probe what is happening. Greer, who is outside the government, has briefed many presidents including Obama.

(Jagbodhi) Project Camelot interviews Dr. Steven Greer (review before watching). This is not a conventional interview. Rather, it is a frank and contentious debate. To hear Greer uncontested, visit his website (disclosureproject.com). This interview is purposeful and unapologetic.

Clinton stated this famously when he referred to the White House as the "crown jewel of the federal prison system," according to Dr. Greer. Theories that reference government secrecy are not referring to all government, just portions of it that siphon off enormous amounts of money to keep the "military-industrial complex" awash in taxpayer funded funds.

Wisdom Quarterly has been pushing the envelope for years reporting on the UFO phenomenon from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. The Buddha talked about it constantly -- it seems to have been taken for granted in the ancient world -- but the understanding of it has been completely mythological rather than literal.

It is hard to find a Buddhist monk or nun who will publicly claim to believe in devas (lit. "shining ones," light beings, extraterrestrials), gandharvas (messengers of the devas), or nagas (reptilians, dragons, hybrid, shapeshifters). It is impossible to escape the existence of devas and unseen beings of all kinds.

So we have made it mythology and preserved it. Wisdom Quarterly believes it is literally true, however much it has been blown to mythical proportions. Fortunately, the mythology is committed to spiritual texts, arts, and histories worldwide in very different religious traditions.

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