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UFO: Ancient and Modern Aliens (video)

(History Channel: LINK) What are US presidents told about UFOs by the military-industrial complex? Since there are so many levels above "top secret," most are not apprised of the many Pentagon projects dealing with contact, the untold history of life on the planet and elsewhere, reverse engineering of technology, and other matters that manage to leak out at great personal cost to the sources of the information.

Vimanas: the real antigravity vehicles of ancient India

The Ancient Aliens
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
So much of what the world's religions and mythologies are centered around is real. The mythologizing -- attempts to make it comprehensible to the people of the time who do not share language and concepts with future generations like us -- reduces these stories to very doubtful tales. However, subsequent findings reveal how advanced the knowledge was.

Our own investigations show that Buddhism -- like Vedic Brahminical, Sumerian, Mesoamerican, Zoroastrian, and the Greek and Judeo-Christian roots of Western civilization -- corroborate many of the ancient stories. But Buddhism sheds light and explains otherwise indecipherable accounts of "angels" and "gods" and "demons" fighting on Earth and in the "heavens" (space).

Tibetan Buddhists, Mayans, and Biblical sources all speak of contact with space aliens

The fact of the matter is that these mythical creatures were extraterrestrials of many different kinds. Our recent work has tried to show that Christianity is little more than an amalgam of Near Eastern faiths, records, and beliefs that were passed down long before even Judaism was established. The Zen like aphorisms of St. Issa (Jesus) woven into the New Testament serve to make Jesus Christ the all-in-one god for everyone, but he is completely a constructed and artificial figure.

There was likely a person who left Palestine, traveled to India, studied Mahayana/Tibetan Buddhism, returned to uplift Jewish and other peoples in the region, was persecuted, and returned to India, where his remains are entombed in Kashmir. Those people in the region of Alexandria, Egypt and the Dead Sea were, by their own historical accounts, in contact with aliens in the form of messengers (angels/gandharvas), titans (asuras), space-dwelling devas (light beings), invaders (serpents/nagas), and demigods (crossbred human-alien "men of renown").

We understand that this comes as a shock since Buddhism, which is nontheistic, is presumed to have nothing to do with such things. These are not "gods," although they are labelled as such. There are advanced civilizations, higher order beings. The universe is populated with countless such worlds. The Buddha and others were aware of it. The brahmins (priestly caste) and kshatriya's (ruling caste) were in contact with them. The "divine" right of rule was handed down, or at least claimed, in quite a literal way.

It's a different way to read the Bible, but it sheds light on so many otherwise silly myths and averts many preposterous conclusions. A much richer source of these histories and legends are the ancient Indian Vedas (particularly the Vimana Shastra, which details spacecraft and advanced technology shared with humans thousands of years ago. Christians think Biblical references were to "mansions" in the sky when in fact the reference is to ports, platforms, and enormous flying crafts.

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