Wednesday, January 12, 2011

American Vimanas (UFOs)

VIDEO: US UFOs and Deep Underground Military Bases

UFO sightings are nothing new. The world's "religious" texts are filled with vivid accounts of interaction, colonization, warfare, genetic experimentation, cross breeding efforts, uplift, and devestation on account of extraterrestrial contact. Far from rejecting this inherited ancient Indian lore, the Buddha gave more details. How did space (akasha) visitors descended from the heavens (sagga) travel? Are we in contact today?

Ancient Aircraft
The search for clues to humanity's creation is often linked to ancient astronauts who came here in the beginning in Flying Vehicles, leaving behind clues to their encounters with humans. Pictographs and megalithic monuments throughout the planet describe human interaction with ancient astronauts, allowing those in our timeline to piece together what happened in the past that shape our destiny today.

Did these ancient astronauts have flying ships, some of which were flown by humans? Today there are many UFO sightings, many believe aliens not only exist but continue to interact, whether through biogenetic experiments, mirroring the WWII Nazi program, which ended as the alien Grey program began.

Modern UFO enthusiasts point to vimana legends as evidence for advanced technological civilizations in the distant past and the ancient astronaut theory.

A vimana is a flying machine capable of space travel (not unlike the much less wieldy Space Shuttle) described in the ancient "mythology" of India. References to these flying machines are commonplace in ancient Indian texts, which also describes their use in warfare. As well as being able to fly within Earth's atmosphere and space, vimanas were also said to be able to travel underwater. Descriptions in the Vedas and later Indian literature detail vimanas of various shapes and sizes: More>>

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    (Epicindia) Dwarka, city of legend and mystery, capital of blue skinned Krishna, the mystic Golden Land which arose from the ocean at his command and returned under the waters when his feet no longer walked the Earth. Dwarka was Krishna’s stronghold, a fort built to be invincible. A city of mythic proportions, everything about Dwarka is as [powerful] as the story of the man who built it. The poets described Dwarka as a city so golden that it cast its radiance on the ocean for miles around it. Dwar means door, and Dwarka is a city of many doors or a gateway. It was an island, connected to the mainland by many bridges, and legend says that Krishna asked Vishwakarman, the architect of the devas to build him a city more beautiful than any before it.

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