Sunday, April 15, 2012

CicLAvia: Bike Los Angeles on April 15th; Wisdom Quarterly
CicLAvia (pronounced "seek la VEE uh") takes over the streets of Los Angeles (

There is a lot of wisdom in bike riding and people power.
Getting in touch with our inner tube helps rid us of our spare tire (bulging waistline).

Bikes for everyone! (
"Bike sharing" is designed for short quick trips where users rent, ride, and return bikes from kiosks located in key areas. Before using Bike Nation purchase a membership, which gives the member access to the system. A a 24-hour membership allows a rider to rent, ride, and return bikes for 24-hours. But having a single bike checked out for 24-hours is NOT the point; bike sharing is actually...

CicLAvia event on Sunday, April 15th
Rediscover LA in a whole new way…on foot, bike, or anything else that rolls! Streets will be closed to vehicular traffic for one day on one green Earth event.

Inspired by Colombia's Ciclovía, "cycling way," the original, weekly street closure event. There is a long list of activities all along the route allowing Angelenos to rediscover the country's most impressive megalopolis.

The city is too often choked with traffic, a fact of life "The Hills" and other popular shows meticulously avoid. Here is a chance to safely maneuver the concrete jungle.
Ride with pride: a unicorn bike, a boy with a dream, shameless fun without being defined by a car a corporation built (

All this hustling comes with a price: few use public transportation unless they have to. The powers that be want it that way while pretending to try to "figure out" how to encourage mass transit. The world already knows how; there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

But LA's car culture is the model that made the oil and automobile businesses kings. CicLAvia temporarily removes cars from LA streets. LADOT provides traffic plan maps for travel through Koreatown, Hollywood, Little Japan, Little Bangladesh, Thai Town, and many other ethnic pockets.

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