Friday, April 29, 2016

Trump is better than Clinton. Vote Sanders!

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly OPINION
Donald Trump is not a Republican. The real danger would be if Speaker Paul Ryan were nominated because all he would do is obey the party in our one-party system, the Capitalist Money Party (RepubloCrats).
GOP will back Clinton and derail Trump.
Trump is not part of the political Establishment. The most important thing is not to nominate or vote for an Establishment candidate. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, a complete sell-out, liar, criminal, lesbian hypocrite, defender of a serial sexual harasser/drug deal facilitator (Bill) all too happy to attack women and threaten them into silence (just ask insider Roger Stone). 

Clinton is the Establishment who promises more of the same -- more wars, more killing, more drones, more bank fraud, more Wall Street protection, more loss of jobs, more insufficient Romneycare (Pres. Obama, as if he led the third George W. Bush administration, just adopted the Republican/insurance industry plan instead of the single payer plan we all wanted and asked him for), more lies, more hypocrisy, more military-industrial complex bidding... 

Vote Bernie Sanders, Independent
This is why we have to vote for Bernie Sanders ( Sanders is not a Democrat; he is an Independent. Sanders is not part of the Establishment. The Establishment must not win.

And this is why Trump is better than Clinton and why it is so important to nominate and vote for Sanders. Or vote for Jill Stein or Andrew Basiago or anybody other than the one party system Capitalist Money Party.

Wait, what about voting for Ted Cruz? He chose hated candidate and failed businesswoman Carly Fiorina. Ted Cruz has no chance. Former Republican Speaker John Boehner said of Cruz today, "He's Lucifer" and "I've never worked with a more miserable son-of-a-b*tch in my life."

Cruz and John Kasich are tools being used by the GOP to derail Trump so that they don't have to step in and blatantly contravene the will of the people, which they will do. Why? Because Trump is not a Republican and not part of the Establishment.

The nomination process is rigged, elections are rigged (with Bush/Cheney's rigged and unaccountable Diebold machines and Help America Vote Act), and we do not live in a Democracy. We talk about it, we say we do, we pretend, we assume that's what this is, but anyone outside -- and some inside -- can see that this is a capitalist oligarchy. Ask Greg Palast. But we have...

"The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"
Investigative Reporter Greg Palast's feature documentary exposing the theft of the 2016 election and the billionaires bankrolling the ballot banditry. Coming Summer 2016.

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