Friday, April 29, 2016

The surprising history of "Caucasian" (video)

Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; MTV News; FOM
(MTV News, Decoded April 27, 2016) The Surprisingly Racist History of the Term Caucasian

Wisdom Quarterly (OPINION)
MTV NewsFacts presented in a fresh way -- concise, to the point, building up to support the thesis, exquisite! And who knew, right? Actually, readers may know this from a recent post about where the people Europeans enslaved in America came from. 

No, it's not Africa like we're all taught. Slaves came from America! Wow, they enslaved and raped mated with the natives, some of whom were black, all of which were called the "copper colored" races. America was the land of "reds" and "blacks."

Latin-American singer Christina Aguilera
See Dr. Joy DeGruy, who goes much deeper into the social construction of the idea of "white" as one race, which originally kept out the Irish, some of the lightest skinned people on the planet. It's amazing; there was no thinking, "We're all 'white'."

Now everyone in the U.S. and Europe takes it for granted, unless you're Latino/a. Then you can be as "white" as Christina Aguilera or Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, but have a drop of Spanish blood (which is all European and not at all native) or a Spanish surname and you're "brown." 
Latin-American Wonder Woman
Of course, our country suffers from more than just prejudice, racism, and implicit bias. We have colorism or shadism: the darker your skin, the worse treatment you get. 

Who knew MTV (pronounced eMpTyV) was still around or ever doing anything good? We hear they want to bring music videos back, but that's just a rumor. It didn't pay enough the first time. Happy College Signing Day.
A Natural Man in Court
Why was the judge so fearful? Because she understood the archaic language he was speaking as it pertains to laws still on the books the court system has done everything it can to circumvent by tacit agreement as it forces and dupes us into signing away our natural rights. We cannot emphasize the importance and significance of what this man accomplished on camera which the modern legal system wishes no one would ever know about.
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