Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Search for God: Ken Commandments (book)

Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Goodreads.com; ; Crown Pub.

The Year of Living Biblically
is an American journalist, author, former pro athlete, and television news personality.  He is the senior correspondent for E! News as well as the host of E! Online's daily Web show Live From E!. He went from Catholicism to explore Buddhism and secular practices in an attempt to get back to his roots in the imperial Church. Will he get back to the bosom of the Mother Goddess/Virgin Mary? Will the Father God smite him for straying like the prodigal son? Will the Son of Man show his infinite mercy and forgiveness? Read it and find out. Here is a FREE book offer from Crown Publishing via Goodreads to find out.
The Ken Commandments:
My Search for God in Hollywood
An E! News star mixes memoir and investigative journalism in his own version of A.J. Jacobs' excellent and Wisdom Quarterly recommended The Year of Living Biblically. 

It chronicles his own [Jewish] spiritual journey as he investigates the religious lives of the rich and famous in Hollywood. 

Ken Baker, the L.A.-based senior correspondent for E! News and E! Online, has worked in Hollywood for 20 years, hobnobbing with multi-millionaires and interviewing movie and TV stars on a regular basis. 

Native American ghost dance
In that time, in the land of fairy tales and double-dealing, Baker had in many ways become one the materialistic and carnal people he never wanted to be, abandoning his Christian heritage and losing his spiritual center in the process. 

Finding himself alone and confused one night in Las Vegas, he has a spiritual awakening that puts him on a journey to find God [or more likely GOD/Brahman rather than Brahma/God], not only in himself, but in the celebrities who lives intersect with his on a daily basis. 

In this book, Hollywood meets the spirit of A.J. Jacobs, as author Ken Baker sets off on an experiment that will bring him closer to the spiritual lives of the rich and famous and in the process help to reveal the light and dark of Hollywood in new ways.
Meditate: Go on retreat
From New Age spirituality, to Bible-based Christianity, to Buddhist retreats, to meditation classes, to atheism studies, to the mega-church of the nation's top TV preacher, Baker will immerse himself in a diverse range of spiritual practices side by side with the celebrity set, revealing a world that is deeper and more GOD-centered than you'd ever imagine. More
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