Friday, March 18, 2011

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Wisdom Quarterly

Visions of what's to come is individual: Good karma follows one like a shadow, lightweight and easy to pull behind as we move toward light. Bad karma follows one, too, heavy like a weighed down ox-cart one drags along: Sixteen Dreams (Jataka 77)

First it was Tunisia, then Egypt, then Yemen, Wisconsin, Bahrain, Ohio, Indiana, California, and now Syria is having an uprising. Not one of these places is finished with revolution but only getting started.

In the Bodhisattva's prophecy, analyzing a king's 16 dreams, there were asteroids. But there was ethical and moral degeneracy by large numbers of individuals that affected the weather (including extraterrestrial intervention), politics, and quality of life issues.

Our Christians friends love to point out how prophecy is being fulfilled. Sinners in Japan are being punished by God. Gays in the military are offending the lord while Obama and the Trilateral Commission are fine with longstanding homosexual activity on the down low in the armed services.

Yet, they cannot stand it as the Phelps Family protests military funerals (although fortunately the court saw fit to observe their innate right to free unpopular speech). If those soldiers, as they so frequently claim, died for our freedom, how could anyone try to deny someone's unpopular speech? Of course, it isn't freedom in the form of civil liberties they are fighting for so much as free trade. "It's the multinational corporate economy, dummy," one could almost hear Clinton say.

There are always wars or rumors of war. The weather is always acting seemingly oddly as if what is "odd" could ever be pinned down with precision (but we have HAARP now to modify it as we wish).

Other signs of the apocalypse -- of Armageddon, 2012, the return of the naga Quetzalcoatl, with space aliens making a definitive and undeniable appearance (as they did over New York and other major cities recently only to be covered up by being called balloons) -- have been around as long as the Bible and seers like Daniel were recording their apocalyptic visions.

Everyone thinks they live in the End Times; that's what literacy has brought us. The message seems to be the same: Behave. The end is near. And it is, of course, individually, not so much collectively. The fortunate thing is that it is explicable. And there are things we can do. Meditate, contemplate, practice, pray, accrue merit, go vegetarian or halfitarian -- all of these are wonderful.

Are US invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya crusades to force Islam into war?

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