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The Real History of St. Patrick's Day

Macpherson, Wells, Seven

Extaterrestrials (devas) like St. Michael and St. Patrick oppose nagas and asuras

ST. PATRICK'S DAY - Not only was the emerald isle of Ireland overtaken by snakes (nagas, semi-human reptilians in Buddhist cosmology) and fairies (gandharvas), so were other parts of the world. "Dragons" (draconian creatures as well as shapeshifting individuals) have been around for a long time. They live among us as royals and underneath us in DUMBs located not only in California, Nevada, and particularly out near Dulce, New Mexico. The network extends throughout this country as it did in ancient times under Malta and Europe. Of course, it's all too hard to believe, just as "religious" records of St. Patrick driving out these onerous, manipulative, leech like, and very advanced Earthlings. (They may not be from here, but they have been here for a long time affecting human affairs). Legend has it these mythic beings overran Ireland just as they had ancient India, Sri Lanka, and much of the ancient world.

(/ "Give Up Yer Aul Sins" is a Brown Bag Films documentary based on recordings of young children in the 1960s telling Bible stories in school. A film crew arrives at an inner city Dublin National School to record the children; the result is an animated film featuring the story of Saint Patrick among others.

Happy Pagan Genocide Day!
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Some contend that the "serpents" the Gaul Patrick came to Ireland to conquer were the indigenous Celts, a nature loving pre-Christian deeply spiritual people. The goal of the Vatican was hegemony. Its aim was to take over the world, not bring freedom, fairness, or a direct relationship with the divine.

When the imperial Holy Roman Church went to put down opposing views, Patrick was chosen to a missionary. His mission was to infiltrate and annihilate. The Church's representatives arrived to destroy all it regarded as heretical or Pagan.

The Church did not succeed. Its threat that islanders convert or die only changed the names of the pantheon. The indigenous spiritual tradition was clothed in Catholic iconography and myth while retaining its shaman, Pagan, heathen connection to Mother Nature (thereafter venerated as Mother Mary) and the spirit world with all its angelic and demonic diversity.

Protest St. Patrick's Day
History as told by the Discordians and Wisdom Quarterly
March 17, 461 AD is the feast day of his death. "St. Patrick's Day" is the drunken celebration of the genocide of the Celtic (Irish) people and their culture by Maewyn Succat, who came from Roman England. He was Romanized as Patricius and eventually canonized as "Saint" Patrick.

As a youth, Succat was captured by pirates and held in slavery for six years before escaping. Succat went to England and eventually France where he studied under Germain, the Bishop of Auxerre, for approximately 12 years. At the end of his studies, he became a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. Patricius claimed he had received a message from God that told him he was to convert Ireland to Christianity by any means necessary.

With the Pope's blessing, Patricius boarded a ship to Ireland. When he first arrived, he was imprisoned for speaking out against numerous Druid leaders and the spiritual tradition they had practiced for generations.

After his release, Patricius traveled Ireland for 20 years converting people to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Once the Catholic population was the majority in Ireland, the Pope gave St. Patrick orders to start a crusade against the peaceful, Pagan Druid island natives and to kill all who stood in his way.

In short, English or Scottish Maewyn Succat was a slave of pirates, who became a Roman, a Catholic, and a bishop, changing his name to Patricius in the process and conversing with God about killing and subjugating a people with the Pope's blessing. He went to Ireland, a country he had no connection with, and took it upon himself to kill their native traditions.

My plea to my fellow Irish is this: Do not accept this faux celebration of our people! If you drink green beer, do it in PROTEST. Honor the history and culture of our people! This is truly a celebration of -- to use the words of Bill "The Butcher" Cutting -- Roman Popery and not the true history of Pagan Ireland! Instead of accepting the myths surrounding this holiday, get informed and protest it if you see fit.

"St. Patrick's Day," instead of celebrating Ireland, celebrates an anti-Irish Roman and the Church's cultural genocide. Why wouldn't we protest?

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