Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Did this man levitate on TV? (video)

Pfc. Sandoval and Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly

Pseudo sadhu (holyman) Special Head (twitter), 28, pulls a "David Blaine" on America's Got Talent. Even Stern bowed before Special Head, reversing his X-ification for the first time in history. The crowd may not have been genuinely stunned, but the producers certainly edited to seem that way.

Swami S. Head turns heads at Burning Man, 2012

6-Year Old Angel Sings Death Metal
Aaralyn, erstwhile asura princess, 6, blew the speaker system at America's Got Talent in June as she and her elder brother drummer, Izzy, 9, proved to be heavy metal warriors, performing her original song "Zombie Skin." What possesses an angelic pixie to put audiences in their place when all they expect are lullabies and candy and everything nice?

Devi From Heaven Uplifts Humanity

Precious Jackie Evancho, devi and musical prodigy, 13, wowed the jaded audience of a world caught in the Dharma-Ending Age (Vedic, Kali Yuga). Her innocence and beauty suggest an immediately preceding past life in The "Heaven" (space world) of the Thirty-Three (Trayastrimsa) delighting the beings of light there as a lowly gandharva (angelic musician).

Levitating by another means (YP)
Do we believe that Special Head -- using silent meditation to concentrate, Tibetan or Mongolian Buddhist chanting to focus, and a resonant glass gong to set the mood -- actually, literally levitate? Not for a minute. However, we do believe such an act is possible. (It is possible because the world is not what we think it is, and by jhana this "reality" can be manipulated). And what would it look like? It would seem to have to look like this. In the past we have taken a serious look at levitation. And old Indian trick among sadhus and fakirs is to use a platform erected on one pole, usually covered by long robes or masking as a cane. But here that does not seem to be the case. Admittedly, we believed that David Blaine was performing miracles on the street in his first few TV specials. But he was good enough not to claim that, and neither does Special Head. This feat is all the more impressive because in the Burning Man version, he switches hands thereby proving nothing was hiding up his sleeve. The AGT version shows him drag his cane on and off stage; it was not built into his rug concealing a flat heavy platform unless a lot of post production doctoring was done and the judges were in on it. Can Howie Mandell, Heidi Klum, and Scarcy Spice really afford to besmirch their credibility? (Howie Stern has no reputation to taint).

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