Thursday, October 27, 2016

Police begin arresting Water Protectors in ND

Actress Shailene Woodley strip searched
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(Wochit News) Authorities have moved in on activists demonstrating against a controversial North Dakota oil pipeline. NBC News reports that armed soldiers and paramilitary civilian police in riot gear forcibly removed demonstrators using trucks and buses. The water protectors include Native Americans and allied environmental activists. They have been camped on sacred ground (which Dakota Access calls private property) since Oct. 23 near the proposed $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline. The 1,000+ mile pipeline would run close to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. Opponents of the project say the pipeline would disturb sacred burial sites and could adversely impact drinking water for Native Americans and those who depend on the Missouri River.

(RevRadMedia) LIVE from the frontlines, ND, Standing Sioux Stand-off
(DN!) On Sept. 3, the Dakota Access pipeline company attacked Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray as they protested against the $3.8 billion pipeline's construction. If completed, the pipeline would carry about 500,000 barrels of dirty crude per day from North Dakota’s Bakken Oilfield to Illinois. The project has faced months of resistance from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and members of nearly 100 more tribes from across the U.S. and Canada.
Authorities begin arresting pipeline protesters
CANNON BALL, North Dakota - The latest on the Dakota Access oil pipeline protest (all times local).

3:00 pm: Authorities have begun arresting some Dakota Access pipeline protesters at a camp the demonstrators set up on private land in the path of pipeline construction.

Strip Searched!\
"I was strip searched" - Shailene Woodley
(DN!) Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley was arrested during the Standoff at Standing Rock on October 10, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, while attempting to blockade the Dakota Access pipeline construction at two separate worksites.

Footage of Woodley’s arrest was streamed live to roughly 40,000 viewers on her Facebook page. She was later strip-searched in jail. She says her dedication to protest with indigenous people who are at the forefront of the fight remains strong: "Every time we allow another pipeline...we are endorsing the fossil fuel industry and only prolonging the time it is going to take to switch to renewable energy."

Woodley recently starred in the new film "Snowden." She has appeared in the TV series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and has also starred in films including "The Divergent Series" and "The Fault in Our Stars." She received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Alex King in "The Descendants."
An Associated Press reporter says law enforcement officers formed a horseshoe-like loop [corral trapping everyone in it] around the camp in North Dakota. Several protesters were arrested on the perimeter of the camp as [heavily armed] authorities slowly moved in.
Soldiers and police launched the operation at midday to oust the [water protectors], a day after they refused to [give up the cause] voluntarily. Many of the protesters were openly defying the authorities, yelling at them as they approached. Others were taking part in prayer circles.
Water protectors pray to Great Spirit (AP)
2:35 pm: A woman who's been helping handle security for Dakota Access Pipeline [water protectors] says some of them are determined to be arrested while praying.

Vanessa Dundon, an Arizona Navajo, says many want to be arrested when authorities arrive to remove them from a camp in the path of the pipeline construction. More

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