Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April's Pink Full Moon and Easter

Patch.com; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS OF POPULAR RELIGION)

Flowers are pink not moon.
A lot  is said about April’s Pink Moon above our heads, but don’t expect it to look particularly pink. The full moon arrives on Tuesday, April 11th, and it will be the same silvery globe it’s always been.
Native Americans didn’t use calendars, instead relying on observations of seasonal changes and phases of the moon to mark the passage of time.
  • [The old worlds Lunar Calendar had the earth's natural timekeeper keep the seasons when each moonth had one full moon with all of the other phases, and each moonth lasted 28 days, which was four weeks long, a week being seven days. The year was thus 364 days long, or 365 with one of those days being the transitional reset-day called New Year's Day. How is this possible? How would the math work? It's very simple: A year is really 13 months long, 4x7x13+1=365 days.]
The Pink Moon is so dubbed because it occurs at the same time pink blooms begin appearing on wild ground phlox in early spring throughout the United States and Canada. It’s also known as the Grass Moon and the Egg Moon. More

Why is Catholicism/Christianity so popular?
Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS)
Hey, man, whatever story or image works. We just want followers. Jesus is a selling point.
It is because it is an invented religion, crafted carefully to appeal to the greatest number of people, with a very simple "creed" written much later, appropriating from all the great spiritual traditions it could find. It is astrotheology. It is a Roman psy-ops campaign. It is a cultivated partial-fiction of the Vatican Corporation with its country in the Holy See and its fortress/HQ known as the Vatican. Look at the work of "Saint" Thomas Aquinas.

To get closer to the truth of what Christianity originally was under Jesus, one would be far better off reading Origen, the early Church Father, who would have been thrown out for what he said except that he was so important to the foundation of the faith.

What is the truth about Easter?
The world's most popular religion is Roman Catholicism (from the Holy Roman Empire, which just used to be the blood-soaked Roman Empire until it weaponized Christianity, making it an instrument of hegemony and rape and ethnic cleansing and conquest and torture).

Catholicism and Christianity took the Old Ways (paganism), stole holidays, re-purposed them to Christian ends, and promises us all a blissful hereafter for strict obedience. But that's not enough to get anyone to behave as ordered. So it threatens us with pain unutterable for any disobedience. Is that the interpretation of the religion we should follow? Wait -- we are not allowed to question or think for ourselves. Happy "Holy Week."

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