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Did Armenia really have a genocide? (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; XII. Loki;; SOAD, Benny Lambaba; Glink; Burning Red

Now we're not saying the mass murdering and ethnic cleansing was not a "genocide." But genocide has a very specific definition on the world stage -- so why has no court recognized it as such?

Is Turkey really so powerful and influential in Europe today? The fact is we live next to Armenia II (Glendale, California), so we have grown up with hearing one side of the story. And we love System of a Down, who also only give us one side of the story. Just because Hitler offhandedly referred to it, allegedly referred to it, as a "genocide" does not make it so.

We have to question it because we're progressives -- and that means listening to all sides. Any sensible person has to question why mainstream politicians and media outlets are so eager to label it a "genocide" without a court agreeing or with 173 countries saying it wasn't or at least not saying.

Thoughtless sentimentality = propaganda (AP)
No Turk -- what city do they live in? -- ever stands up and gets a say. Last year while taking the side of Armenia yet again, we had Turkish scholars saying it was a genocide. Sell outs trying to get ahead in academia because the gatekeepers do not allow some discourse but fund and encourage other points of view they like.

It happens, of course, with Israel. It happens with everything when people dictate what's PC (politically correct) to say, question, so much as think.

For example, recently UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was telling us all what to think. Gruesome and grizzly images of Syrian atrocities are allowed. They pull our heartstrings and get massive coverage. People are up in arms demanding WAR! Let's attack! Let's bomb! Let's kill! Revenge! Justice! American superiority!

Hey, numb-numb, no. Can we see we're being set up? Whoever rules the mainstream press rules the conversation and manufactures consent. Let's get the other side. Let's constantly listen to the other side even when someone says, "It's lies," it's "fake news," it's "not worth listening to." Yes it is.

There's no doubt there was killing, atrocities, crimes against humanity. But did Armenia really have a genocide?

Here is the truth [as interpreted by the pro-Turk side]
The events of 1915
were far more complex than what has been reported in the past and it is important that we recognize this was not as simple a scenario as the Armenian lobby would have us believe.
Despite the propaganda being pushed by a powerful and well-funded Armenian diaspora, the series of events in 1915 and beyond resulted in losses of life on both sides of the conflict. We cannot diminish the suffering that the Armenians faced, but we must acknowledge that millions of Turks, Kurds, and Arabs were also killed during this conflict.
For nearly a century, the Armenian lobby has attempted to portray these actions as a willful, deliberate attempt to commit genocide of the Armenian people -- a specific crime that is defined by international law. Nothing could be further from the truth, and a detailed examination of the broader context of history paints a vastly different picture.
Furthermore, and as a result, international courts have never designated these tragic events as genocide. There is no legal consensus on the tragedy of 1915 because even though the Armenian lobby has been misrepresenting the facts for nearly a century, history -- and the law -- tells us otherwise. It’s time to cut through the propaganda and get the facts straight. More

And now for an opposing point of view saying it was genocide: System of a Down

(Benny Lambaba) Rare footage of Armenian mistreatment to be screened and called a genocide.
(The Burning Red) Our beloved newscaster crush, Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks, has a melt down over the question of an Armenian genocide.

(Glink) This is a response to The Young Turks and Ana Kasperian involving recent events concerning the [alleged] Armenian genocide. Where does the name "The Young Turks" comes from, and has founder Cenk Uygur denied it in the past? There are many parallels between the Armenian genocide and Dragon Ball Z, oddly enough. Connections are made throughout the video.

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