Thursday, April 20, 2017

4/20: Cannabis' High Holiday

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The origins of 4/20, marijuana's high holiday
The AP Explains: SEATTLE, Washington - Today, Thursday, marks cannabis culture's high holiday, 4/20, when college students gather -- at 4:20 pm -- in clouds of smoke on campus quads and when pot shops in legal weed states thank their customers with discounts.

Remember The 5 Precepts: avoid intoxicants
[This whole capitalize on cannabis big business movement is going to ruin the plant and the culture. First of all, pot is not THC but rather a delicate balance of endocannabinoids -- the most important and "spiritual" of which is probably cannabidiol or CBD -- that brought this herbal pharmacy to prominence throughout the world. It is a renowned healer from the American Pharmacopeia that once resided in every physician's bag in the nation until it was demonized. It is not a plaything for Stoners and Heshers but rather an important botanical species being exploited so people will get "wasted" rather than pursuing any kind of insight (mind-expansion) or empathy (heart expansion). Big Business like Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol will be the ruin of medical marijuana and recreational pot. Keep your cache of seeds and the heritage strains alive. If you really must partake, learn to grow your own. Corporations out to make money are not your friends. Different opinion? Leave a comment.] More

Pot fans observe 4/20 holiday in Altadena, Upper Los Angeles above Pasadena, CA (AP)
Whites are the majority of abusers in US, yet blacks and browns are ones arrested (W).

Best source of business-weed info? NPR
Southern California Public Radio ( legalization in California

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