Friday, June 2, 2017

Too much Trump news (cartoons)

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Sweden's Museum of Failure gets new feature: "Trump, the Game" (AP)
I'll get my revenge! What a covfefe she is! No one's watching what I twit out (AP).
I thought we were all against him. I may have gone too far, but I'm edgy like on Seinfeld.
Hey, Kathy, that's funny! Ha ha!! I blame the DNC for my loss not Trump's GOP.
Yes, Kathy, yes! But never do things in front of a camera. Get a classy portrait (Wonkette)
Megyn Kelly, you don't buy Griffin's "red coming out of wherever" excuse, do you?

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly makes her opinion known to Trump and all.

Trump supporters face protesters at recent ‘free speech’ rally in Berkeley (Elijah Nouvelage)
"Under the Dome" (Tom Tomorrow/
What more would it take for the GOP to DUMP TRUMP (

    U.S. President Trump shoves a NATO leader out of the way to move to the front of the group.
    (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) The Don Trump was the laughingstock of NATO in Europe.
    (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) Covfefe, Kushner & An Idiot Abroad, May 31, 2017 Part 1

        The Buddha's face on Mars? Massive face monuments discovered but blurred by NASA.
        Death on Mars (John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D.)
        Hoping humans find evidence of life on Mars? Scientists have some very good news.

        Germany, asking for trouble, insults our commander in chief during a parade (Breitbart).

        Maybe I went too far with the ISIS theme. Please don't fire me, CNN! Please!!!

        The mother of a Pasadena teen shot and killed by an off-duty Customs and Border Protection officer...

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