Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Latina beauty is Native American beauty

Blow Your Mind; Bona Publica Films 2017; Xochitl, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Native American girls' unique beauty, circa 1800-1900s
✪ Blow Your Mind ( and brings this collection of Native American beauties who bear a striking resemblance to the most beautiful Latin American beauties of today.

Remnants: Native American (Tongva) L.A.

Tongva Springs: Gabrielino/Tongva Tribe Lives Another Generation
(Bona Publica Films, Nov. 13, 2017) After the Native American genocide, the Tongva (Native Los Angelenos) are alive and kicking in Los Angeles. This is a sampling of the festivities of the October 8th, 2017 annual "Life Before Columbus Day" held at Tongva Springs -- in ancient and sacred Kuruvungna (now Santa Monica, California).

Gabrielino-Tongva Chief Anthony "Red Blood" Morales, his son Andy Morales, and their dancers bring forth traditional Tongva dances and songs preserved over hundreds of years from their ancestors. The best news of the day was the announcement that the City of Los Angeles has now officially recognized Indigenous People's Day displacing recognition and celebration of Columbus Day, which for generations has been a grievous injury to Native American communities.

Los Angeles now officially recognizes the new holiday of Indigenous People's Day. The tribe appreciates the honoring of indigenous people in this way and is thankful to the City of LA for being the first in the nation to make such a gesture regarding a nationally recognized holiday.

This historic decision was approved by the mayor's office and the LA City Council. Some of the Tongva dances presented were: Welcome Dance, Acorn Dance, Canoe Dance, Dolphin Dance, Children's Dance. Some of the activities included chia cafe shell necklace making, reed basket making, traditional native games, and other performances by SoCal bird singers Ketzaliztli and the Azteca Dancers. Produced by Bona Publica. Copyright 2017.

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