Sunday, August 19, 2018

#1 Hit: "Crazy Rich Asians" (video)

CC Liu, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon; Late Night Jimmy Kimmel; KPCC FM ( Awkwafina; Ken Jeong, Shaquille O'Neal

We were so excited for this movie, thinking it would be a zoomed in look at life in the SGV (San Gabriel Valley), the lesser eastern valley of suburban Los Angeles with more Asians than most capitals in Asia. But this is just "chick porn" waiting-for-Prince-Charming nonsense. Girls, still waiting for the frog to become charming and whisk you off to his castle on his white horse/Italian sports car? Give us a break, Hollywood. Constance Wu, Awkwafina, Henry Golding? Thank you but you can do much better than this. How about more Fresh Off the Boat episodes or

Sure it's a minor diversion but a dangerous contribution to the status quo, as if the princess never thinks how all this money is made on the backs of the 99.99%. Every girl wants to live in a castle with servants and slaves and subjects...until she realizes it's a a capitalist wet dream we're all fed. We're not complaining that loudly because at least Hollywood finally noticed that Asians exist and now maybe some will be added at the dismal rates other non-black ethnicities, who currently represent not just black but all "others."

BUT CAN THEY RAP? "My Vag," 626, Rap Battle

Awkwafina has her big moment in Crazy Rich Asians
— How she started on YouTube

A recent study by USC found that only 4.8 percent of Asians have speaking roles in film.

That percentage is actually lower than the previous year, when Asian actors had 5.6 percent of speaking roles.
While that report was published before the debut of Crazy Rich Asians -- the first studio film to feature an all-Asian cast since The Joy Luck Club 25 years ago -- it's safe to say that Asians are overlooked at the movies. But there's one outlet where the community is thriving: YouTube.

Nora Lum, who goes by Awkwafina, started to gain a fanbase on YouTube a few years ago before landing a role in Crazy Rich Asians and starring alongside Rihanna and Sandra Bullock in Ocean's Eight.
"I was able to do well in the beginning because it was such a foreign thing to see someone that's out there who's being relatable, and the Asian American isn't a selling point... More

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