Friday, September 10, 2021

Where'd the 9/11 Twin Towers go? Dustified

Dr. Judy Wood; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Sheldon S. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

911 Truth presented by expert Dr. Judy Wood

(PuzzleMaster, Part 1 of 2, March 22, 2013). Mysteries go unaddressed by officials and the mainstream media. Here is hard evidence that cannot be denied, so that only one thing is sure: We are being lied to about what happened at this site.

(MrWonderhug, 2020) I have been mesmerized by this event for more than 15 years now. One thing that really stands out for me, other than the hard facts that Dr. Judy Wood ( covers, is the amount of un adulterated paper that litters the streets. If hard concrete and steel turn to dust, as do toilets, chairs, windows, elevators, carpets, and dry wall (gyprock in Australia), why not mere paper? All these hard things turned to dust and been effectively been pulverized, "dustified," so why is so much paper left intact and floating around?
The Infographics Show on Ground Zero, strange facts everyone forget (Facebook)

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