Tuesday, October 27, 2009

14 y.o. Dutch girl to sail around globe

Dutch teenager postpones plan to sail the globe
AMSTERDAM – Laura Dekker, a 14-year-old Dutch girl who hopes to become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe solo, said she will wait until the school year ends before starting her attempt. She is awaiting a court's decision on whether she can go or whether it would be too risky for a girl her age.
The Utrecht court temporarily blocked her departure in August out of concern for her safety. The decision sparked a worldwide debate on how much authorities and parents should limit children's freedom to undertake risky adventures. "Before I made the plan I didn't expect (so much publicity) but now I'm trying to make the best of it," she told NOS television in an interview Monday.

"It's probably the most prudent if I just finish this school year" which ends in May, she said, citing the arrival of winter weather and a need for preparations before she departs on her 26-foot (8-meter) boat named "Guppy." More>>

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