Monday, October 19, 2009

Vedic History of the World

( There are as many versions of ancient history as there are cultures and historians. However, none of them record events older than about 5,000 years ago. Vedic history goes back far beyond 5,000 years. But due to the disinformation campaign I mentioned yesterday, it is not accepted as history but instead branded "mythology."

Anyone who writes about Vedic history as factual cannot get published by the mainstream book industry or be taken seriously by the academic establishment. It is simply a closed subject, due to government control and covert economic manipulation of the media. So what really did happen in the ancient past?

The British fabricated a whole phony history of India and her people. The Aryan Invasion Theory, so common in Western books on comparative religion and archeology, is simply conjecture. There is no hard evidence to support it. The real story of India's history is in the Vedic literature. You can also read Forbidden Archeology: the Hidden History of the Human Race by Richard Thompson and Michael Cremo.

Unbiased archaeological explorations in India during the last 20 years have devastated the British concoction and confirmed the Vedic version. Nevertheless, you will not see this information in textbooks on comparative religion and Asian culture. It has been suppressed along with so much of the Vedic truth. Would you like to know the real truth about the history of India and our planet?

What follows is the factual history of the universe according to the Vedic literature. You will find in it a convincing explanation for many puzzling facts in the history of the world. It also helps explain the cause of the disinformation about the Vedic culture and the real cause of the program of cultural imperialism that seems determined to corrupt and destroy all native cultures in the world, and wipe out any trace of actual spiritual truth....