Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fear of the Flu?

(WQ) Fear, the media demands it. It fans the flames in the guise of good science when the research bias is built into the process. In spite of all other evidence, fear rules. One worries, and it is by fear and worry that one does things certain to cause harm in the hopes of escaping possible harm. Who would purposely inject toxins like mercury (Thimerosal or Thiomersal) and substances likely to induce autistic spectrum disorder in children, pregnant women, or anyone? A fearful person would. Vaccines -- not as a concept but as they are practiced by the pharmaceutical industry -- will harm those who ingest them. While doing little if any good, harm is guaranteed. Unfortunately, mass panic makes vaccination demand a social phenomenon. However, as an individual decision, it is possible to avoid harm.

The medium of the vaccine is animal-based. No version of it is vegetarian. Whether one is ingesting a live virus (attenuated) as a mist or by injection, the body is being burdened by toxins that will not prevent contracting the disease and are likely to lead to the disease. The harm is called iatrogenic. An incomprehensible amount of harm is caused by pharmaceutical products prescribed and used as directed. It is not an accident, it is not misuse. Education and non-fear, keeping oneself sane and balanced in spite of a panic or media frenzy, is the solution. This is neither the first campaign nor will it be the last. This is how wars are sold to the public, how people accept the loss of civil rights, and how we hand over our health. It will happen again. Politicians are complicit, and trusted voices in public health and the university follow along. Look into it, beyond the scare tactics, or be afraid, very afraid. An example of the immediate harm brought on by worry is the harmful use of "hand sanitizers."

Worries about hand sanitizer overuse
A surge in the use of germ-killing gels as a substitute for hand washing raises safety concerns. What to watch for