Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Ashley Wells (WQ Weekend Editor)

A Look at Christianity, Through a Buddhist Lens
The book is the outcome of decades of encounters with Buddhism — and of struggles with his own faith. Born in 1939, Mr. Knitter began his path to the... (NY Times).

When quantum physics meets Buddhism
The Quantum and the Lotus: A Journey to the Frontiers Where Science and Buddhism Meet is a colourful exploration of existing knowledge on the mind and the... (Bangkok Post).‎

Prison inmates turn to Buddhism
WASHINGTON -- Growing numbers of US prison inmates are turning to Buddhist meditation to help them do time, the founder of the Prison Dharma... (United Press International).

Zen master decries Vietnam's treatment of monks
Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese-born Zen master who popularized Buddhism in the West, wrote a letter last week to President Nguyen Minh Triet in which he... (AP).

Bhikkhunis ["nuns"] hold unique place in Buddhism
In daily life, bhikkhunis, or Buddhist nuns, abide by nearly 100 more regulations than monks, who follow roughly 250 laws. Women who practice the religion... (Korea Times).

"Living Buddhism in Northeast India" begins
AGARTALA, India - A three-day national seminar on "Living Buddhism in Northeast India" commenced here. The objective of the seminar has been on to... (ANI,

The neuroscience of mindfulness
Not because I have anything Buddhism or against any religion at all. (Of all the organized religions, Buddhism appears to be one that generates a minimum of... (Psychology Today blog).

Prison inmates go Zen to deal with life behind bars
There is no group tracking the number of inmates converting to Buddhism or engaging in meditation practices. But programs and workshops educating inmates... (CNN).

Imagining the immediate (im)possibilities
Asoka's attempts to Saasanasodhana and the 3 rd Council (in effect the Fourth Council- Frauwallner 1952a) of Buddhism at Asokarama at Pataliputta around 250... (Groundviews).

Religion briefs
The church is at 1061 Young St. "Buddhism for a Wounded World" is the theme of two lectures next Saturday, part of the 10th anniversary of the Futaba Kenko... Honolulu Star-Bulletin).

Peace in the Mountains
Being a former kingdom of western Tibet, Leh was a stronghold of Tibetan Buddhism for centuries. So sightseeing tours covered numerous gompas (monasteries)... (The Hindu).

Respect is part of every religion
You see, according to the Web site, there are thousands of different religions, but the world religions are Baha'i, Buddhism... (Famuan).‎

Sikkim seeks to promote tourism potential in global market
We have a number of Buddhist tourists coming to India every year. I think Sikkim would be another destination for them, said Parinthorn Apinyanunt... (Little About blog).

Leader of Mount Tremper monastery dies at 78
Loori was founder of the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism, abbot of the Zen Mountain Monastery on Plank Road in Mount Tremper and one of the most... (Kingston Daily Freeman).

Jaffna fort to be readied for new colonial masters
This heritage of Jaffna is identified as one that is closely associated with the genre of Buddhism found mentioned in the Tamil Buddhist epic Ma'nimeakalai... (TamilNet).

J&K Minister said Buddhism played vital role for development of State
JAMMU, India - Buddhism has played a vital role for the promotion of Socio-economic development of the ... (GroundReport).

"Buddhism in the Modern World" - Oct. 13th lecture
Lama Ole Nydahl is one of the few Westerners fully qualified as a lama and meditation teacher in the Karma Kagyu Buddhist tradition.... (The Local‎).

Dalai Lama ends DC visit
The Dalai Lama capped off a five-day visit to Washington on Saturday by offering a 75-minute lecture on the basics of Buddhism to 4,300 people... (Washington Times).

American Buddhists prepare for 3 years of silence...
Deep in a remote desert valley, Stephane Dreyfus, and several dozen other Buddhists are preparing to undergo a mind-altering journey: three years... (San Jose Mercury News).

Sinhalese Buddhist monk appointed as curator for Jaffna
The appointment of a Sinhalese Buddhist priest as archaeological curator to Jaffna under the Ministry of Social Services is a thinly veiled attempt to... (TamilNet).

Foreigners invited to experience temple food (Korea Times).

Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama to keep China happy (

Calls for Obama to reconsider Dalai Lama rebuff (Washington Post).

For Dalai Lama, some rules are meant to be broken"He is a very unique spiritual leader," said Arjia Rinpoche, a prominent Tibetan Buddhist who lives in Bloomington, Ind. It didn't take long for the Nobel... (

A modern spin on Spirituality
While “Botero is more about the weight of material and flesh, my work is more about the emptiness and void, two important concepts in Buddhism and Taoism”... (NY Times).

Buddhism and Alcohol: What would Sid drink?
How would he combine Buddhism and dating? We all make mistakes on our spiritual journey; here is where they're discussed. Each week I'll take on a new... (

People and Events
Research papers relating to Buddhism would be welcome from a variety of disciplines such as Philosophy, Civilization, History, Psychology, Sociology... (Sunday

Local Buddhist wordsmith hoping to inspire fellow writers
The 45-year-old Northfield Village man, a practicing Buddhist, has just had his first book published: "Writing for Your Lives: Inspire Your Creative Writing... (The News Leader).‎

Honolulu tour stop for Korean Buddhist ritual song and dance
Ancient chants, drum, and cymbal dances, and the elegantly costumed "Butterfly Dance" from the sacred Young San Ceremony are offered in concert by Buddhist... (Honolulu Advertiser).

Buddhist monks: Vietnam police still harassing us
HANOI, Vietnam — Followers of a world-famous Buddhist teacher who were forced out of a Vietnamese monastery over the weekend have taken refuge at a nearby... (AP).

Sect decries lack of religious freedom in communist Vietnam
Bangkok, Thailand - A Buddhist sect led by a world-renowned Vietnamese monk has been... (Christian Science Monitor).

Vietnamese riot police target Buddhist monk's followers
Hundreds of followers of a radical Buddhist teacher were seeking refuge in a temple in Vietnam today as police stepped up efforts to evict them in what is... (