Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Worst Breakup

Heidi Montag crying (

Life involves suffering. (That is, all conditioned formations are unsatisfactory and liable to alteration and unhappiness). This doesn't mean life is nothing but suffering, as some like to misunderstand, just that conditioned existence is incapable of fulfilling its promise to fulfill us.

It is unsatisfactory. That's what Spencer Pratt found out too late. We try to fight the inevitable truths, the Marks of Existence: impermanence, suffering, and egolessness. We get married.

We become attached in our resistance. We even have children as insurance to stave off the impossible possibility: It isn't real, it will not last, and we will be dissatisfied for having approached life in ignorance. Reality asserts itself. Heidi is leaving.

What can be done, can anything be done? Sure, a great deal can be done. We can communicate. We can treat ourselves and other people well. We are not "victims" of life. These are our present-actions (karma) playing themselves out, not our past-actions (phala or fruit). What is our purpose? What are we doing? Are we en-acting by deliberate intent or just re-acting?

Eckhart Tolle: automatic thinking and acting

Reality star Heidi says she's had it with husband Spence, and she's filed official papers for separation. They were only married a year. The reason? The same reason as always: irreconcilable differences. Will Spencer fight it? Was there a pre-nup? He has a month to get answers from her and decide. It's only a separation and needn't go to divorce.

"The filing comes just days after Montag reportedly moved out of the home she shared with her husband, whom she married in an elaborate Pasadena church wedding, taped for 'The Hills'..." Story

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