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Coca Cola RECIPE revealed

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() At least Pepsi, which is just as bad, makes funny ads using Buddhist monks.

This American Life's Ira Glass revealed the addictive ingredients that went into the original Coca Cola. It has no doubt gotten worse with the addition of synthetic excitotoxins euphemistically referred to as "natural flavors." (The only thing "natural" about them, according to FDA labeling guidelines, is that artificial chemicals are used to mimic something that exists in nature.)

"Coco cola" was originally concocted as a syrupy medicinal drink using tropical ingredients and dispensed at soda shops. The addition of massive amounts of sugar alone made it habit forming and carcinogenic. Cancer rates going up and hitting people younger? What a surprise. Adding alcohol, cocaine, caramel coloring, and neurotoxins (synthetic replacement of the original tropical fruit and nut oils) then cinched its addictive profile.

Snorting Coke? Soft drinks train us for hard (fermented) drinks.

This gave us the need we have felt ever since to drink this poisonous chemical brew, ride the sugar spike, and hit a low lower than we began with, which leads us to think another would be a good idea. Coca Cola remains the only American corporation with the legal right to import coca leaf and legally produce the illicit drug cocaine. It claims to no longer use it in its formulation, but it retains the right to produce it in great quantities (for sale to labs, street kids, the CIA?)
  • sugar - 30 lbs
  • cocaine (fluid extract of coca) - 3 drams
  • alcohol - 8 oz
  • oils of orange, lemon, nutmeg, coriander, neroli, cinnamon (tree bark)
  • citric acid, caffeine, lemon juice, vanilla
  • soda water (necessary or it would be impossible to consume this cloying amount of sugar without the body rejecting it by vomiting or avoiding it due to surfeit.

The exact level of cocaine was not quantified but it was sufficient to produce a "buzz" with 4 to 5 drinks, according to early newspaper accounts. Why only 30 lbs of sugar? There are now 16.25 teaspoons of sugar (1 tsp = 4 grams) in a 20 oz (590 ml) bottle, 9.25 teaspoons per can. Any more and it would become a syrup. Soda manufacturers have not found a way to add sugar and keep the formulation liquid. The addition of brain toxic artificial sweeteners (like aspartame) makes it worse on the brain than sugar.
The Recipe
FE Coca
(Fluid Extract of Coca)
3 drams USP 4 oz FE Coco
Citric Acid 3 oz 3 oz
Caffeine 1 oz 1oz Citrate Caffein
Sugar 30 # 30 #
Water 2.5 gal 2.5 gal
Lime Juice 2 pints (1 qrt) 1 qrt
Vanilla 1 oz 1 oz
Caramel 1.5 oz or more to color Color sufficient

Use 2 oz flavor (below) to 5 gals syrup 2.5 oz flavor

7X Flavor

Alcohol 8 oz 1 qrt
Orange Oil 20 drops 80
Lemon Oil 30 120
Nutmeg Oil 10 40
Corriander Oil 5 20
Neroli Oil 10 40
Cinnamon Oil 10 40
(The Pemberton formula for 7X is the same as the Beal, just four times as much.)
  • To make fluid extract of coca. Buy whole leaf coca tea. Instructions for making coca extract from this can be found online. You don't need much. The recipe calls for 3 fluid drams, which is equivalent to 1/8 of a fluid ounce or -- an easier measurement for a home kitchen -- 3/4 of a tablespoon.
  • Make the syrup. Once you have your 7X flavor, and your fluid extract of coca, you are ready to mix them with your other ingredients to make the syrup. Mix your ingredients in this order: water, sugar, then coloring, then coca extract, then vanilla extract, then caffeine, then lime juice, and citric acid.

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