Friday, October 28, 2011

Right wing radio hosts Ken+Barbie at Occupy

Wisdom Quarterly
"Jackbooted thugs" (literally) with truncheons take over the peaceful streets of San Diego to dominate and put an end to freedom of speech, until it's convenient again.

Fun loving failed comedians and right wing shock jocks Ken and Klaus visited Occupy Los Angeles yesterday.

Libertarian KFI radio (640 AM) is the late night LA home of Coast to Coast, Jesus Christ (a real life extended South Park-style skit) on Sunday mornings, and Rush Limbaugh's rant fest. The station caters mainly to fearful conservatives.

But it does try to widen its scope -- anything for ratings. K&K also appear nightly on the local news (KTLA Channel 5). They visited the occupation, bringing along a what they estimated were a million listeners, to have a look for themselves. They have been prejudging and mocking the movement since it began. This was their effort to actually investigate.
Visiting Occupy LA
(LA Times) Conservative talk radio hosts John and Ken, who have mocked Occupy L.A, showed up Thursday with security guards to broadcast from the tent city demonstration outside of City Hall. The hosts, who have provoked controversy for their stances on illegal immigration among other things, arrived about 3:00 pm near 1st and Main Streets, near the large south lawn encampment. With the KFI-AM personalities were four private security guards in suits and six police officers. More

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