Monday, October 17, 2011

What our Occupy Movement wants

What does the Occupy Movement want?
Wisdom Quarterly at Occupy LA, Berkeley, and Oakland

There are no "demands." But what do we the people, the 99%, want?

1) An end to corporate rule and stricter regulation of banking greed.
(2) An end to war (American occupations and hegemony around the world, covert actions by CIA/NSA/NSC and other clandestine agencies, and the Pentagon being in charge of US foreign policy).
(3) Jobs.
(4) An end to US prison culture and torture in US jails and abroad by US agents -- and instead a right to an education without being drowned in debt.
(5) Equality: fair treatment of ALL the people in this country.
(6) Government by the people for the people (not by and for corporations).
(7) Participatory-representative democracy that actually represents 99% of we the people.

It might be enough to say that what Americans want is for this country to actually try to live up to the Constitution and Bill of Rights it claims: The right to life, liberty, and not-happiness but at least the right to pursue happiness the way each of us chooses without harming others.

Corporations (in the guise of corporate personhood) are pursuing their happiness at our expense. Corporate rule must end.

When the nagas wanted to be on the original rebel flag

() Oct. 15, 2011 solidarity march of estimated 10,000+ people in LA.

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