Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UFO shot out of the sky crash lands (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

() Americans believe in UFOs. And the Paranormal Footage Blog attests that this is the most amazing UFO crash footage ever captured. Judging by the audio attached to it, it seems as if it were videotaped by the US military. Gone are the days of grainy, out of focus saucer footage. This is crystal clear, metamorphosing, and hitting the ground. It is well known that the NWO shadow government with the aid of some extraterrestrials has been shooting down other extraterrestrial craft for decades. It may be a hoax, or it may be audio visual evidence of this phenomenon documented for internal purposes.

The evidence stays obscure by simply mentioning the word "hoax."

"Cyclops of the Sea" caught in Gulf of California

Few reports of mythical beasts (cryptozoological specimens) come with proof. But a sea creature caught by one fisherman is an exception. As extraterrestrials continue to genetically manipulate lifeforms on Earth, it is no surprise specimens like a cat with two faces or a baby with eight limbs are showing up. DNA is so receptive that a laser shot through one specimen onto another (with no physical contact between them whatsoever) is enough to transfer the information and produce a hybrid creature. Therefore, any creature with DNA is susceptible to bombardment with microwaves, EMF emissions, laser streams...and to manipulation.

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