Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alcohol can be a GAS (car fuel)

David Blume (, Peak Moment; Wisdom Quarterly
Peak Moment 78 (9-22-2007): David Blume, Founder, International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, Soquel, California. (links to Coast to Coast appearances)
Ethanol (
What was the real reason for the temperance movement's prohibition of all alcohol in the USA? It was an oil kingpin's funding in 1915 of women to oppose drinking. They were given four million dollars, which was used to pay off Congressmen who amended the constitution. This went on for years while gasoline, a waste product of the petroleum industry, became the dominant fuel. This happened in spite of the fact that the internal combustion engine was invented before gasoline was. Alcohol was the original fuel. Vegetable oil was the original diesel (biodiesel). Polluting petroleum made money for the oil business, which synthetically replaced whale oil and lard for heating. Brazil did not go into massive debt like other Latin American countries because they avoided borrowing money to purchase oil. Instead, they began using alcohol as fuel in mixtures between 25-90% alcohol to 75-10% gasoline with NO modification to vehicles. Modern cars have computers that automatically adjust to flex fuel mixtures. Cars could run on 100% gas but would need more air than they get on settings expecting gasoline. Emissions are drastically reduced by doing so. And since alcohol can be "grown" on the farm (by fermenting carbohydrates), their economy has prospered.

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