Monday, January 28, 2013

Stay Up! Street Art of Los Angeles (video)

Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art ($35.00, 208 pages, hardcover, Cameron+Company, 2012)
Under the Bodhi tree (Romila Barryman)
This coffee-table book full of gallery-worthy photos is an investigation of the global phenomenon of street art.
Told from the perspective of artists working in LA, it offers a new vantage point for understanding an art form that is widely popular yet the subject of misgivings and speculation.
Questions about whether street art is the next major art movement, if it a simply a trend, and distinguishing graffiti from "street art" are explored. A number of counterintuitive themes plague street art, but that does not squash the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this engaging and exciting form of expression.
(CameronCoBooks) Stay up for the graffiti or street art safari tour of Los Angeles.

Street art has exploded as a creative outlet, sometimes the only one, and progressed from a counter-culture movement based on graffiti in previous decades to a legitimate business platform in design, fashion, film, publishing, and art. It may account for our culture's tattoo mania as skin becomes an inviting canvas.

Buddha as art (LorenzoGiunchi/flickr)
The author (Prof. G. James Daichendt with photos by Lord Jim) explores the uniqueness of LA along with some of the successes and pitfalls its practitioners encounter. The major themes presented familiarize readers with the street art scene in LA, and they add new meaning to the country's creative capital.

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