Monday, January 14, 2013

Music and Tattoo Ink (Musink Festival); Wisdom Quarterly

It's time to do it, get inked up with a massive Siddhartha on one arm, Kwan Yin on the other. The two best known bodhisattvas ought to bring some luck.
What better place than the 6th Annual Musink Fest, a day of old skool punk music (including T.S.O.L.) and needles spouting India ink?
Protective ink? (
If only some Khmer artists were going to be working their magic, an ancient Sanskrit and/or Khmer script might be better to attract Siri the Goddess of Good Fortune.

Some religions, one in particular, forbid tattooing. While it is not encouraged in civilized society anywhere, it is increasingly tolerated and even applauded. In societies still connected to their shaman roots (including Ice Age Europe as evidenced on the Ice Man's body), it is encouraged and even mandatory some times.

There is little sense in following fads. What will be more embarrassing than changing in a public dressing room to reveal yet another "tr-mp st-mp"?

If we are to dive, let us dive deep and dive well. Do it, if you do it, right. Don't "just" do it, like Nike says. It is easy to mindlessly follow. Look around: Everyone is following.

I'm tired of looking (It's not in my vision)
I'm tired of seeing (Don't wanna see this)
I'm tired of hearing (Don't tell me your S)
I'm tired of being (So why am I here?)
I'm tired of life (And all of its jokes)
Imaginary lines (To fool the fools)
Imaginary rules (To live your life by)
And all the world's fooled
Life is so easy when you're told what to doWhere to work and how to be you
But the jokes wears off and you're still laughing
Caught in your own trap and you're all happy

Too stupid to know it (Just try and use your head)
Too stupid to care (You've all been fooled)
Just one voice screaming (Is there really a point?)
Just one in a million (A little speck of flesh)
Who's gonna hear it (Scream till you die)
Who's gonna know it (Your conscience, your mind)
Who even cares (No one but yourself)
It's hopeless (You're hopeless)

Because of the process, because of the system,
because you're still laughing, because you don't listen
Because of the process, because of the system,
because you're still laughing, because you don't listen.

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