Friday, January 11, 2013

"Sandy Hook" shooting pre-planned (video), "Beyond coincidence: Pieces of the puzzle rapidly coming together"
WARNING: Alex Jones overheats when lured into defending guns and condemning pharmaceuticals (such as Prozac) which increase likelihood of those drugged committing suicide and mass murder. PART II

Guns don't kill people, government moles using patsies medicated to the hilt on SSRI pharmaceuticals kill people.
(Mike Adams, Natural News) A prominent rifle manufacturer, John Noveske, was killed in a mysterious car crash on Jan. 4, 2013. Why? According to Outdoor Wire, Noveske crossed the oncoming lane and was ejected. Interestingly, a week before, Noveske posted a detailed article on Facebook listing all of the school shooting -- tying them to psychiatric drugs. Which "medicines" was Adam Lanza on? That was his last post ever before being erased.

Noveske was not the first prominent gun rights supporter to be killed in the last few days. Keith Ratliff, creator of a popular YouTube channel on exotic weapons, was murdered. According to the Daily Mail, Ratliff was "discovered on a rural road in Carnesville, Georgia... [with] a single gunshot wound to the head..."

The widely-discredited British CNN host Piers Morgan -- who is wanted in England for questioning related to the Daily Mirror phone hacking scandal, invited guests onto his show who threatened Alex Jones' children and more. Here is the video:

Steve Quayle ( warns, "The red list is on!" This list refers to a secret kill list of Americans, as authorized by Pres. Obama by fiat through executive order (a kind of dictatorship-lite popularized by Pres. G.W. Bush, whom Obama just signed an executive order to extend Secret Service protection for, and he included such permanent protection in that order for himself).

The red list is designed to be invoked at will and have Americans legally executed without trial. Pres. Obama signed the NDAA authorizing secret assassinations of Americans by Americans on American soil. It has become a key component of Obama's domestic policy -- as given to him by the Military-Industrial Complex, of which he is simply the titular head.

Beyond Coincidence
No video footage has been released from Sandy Hook showing Adam Lanza carrying any kind of rifle. Is it a coincidence that Dianne Feinstein had her gun confiscation bill ready for immediate release? 
And is it a coincidence that, according to, the United Way Sandy Hook donation support page was created on Dec. 11, 2012 -- three days before the shooting?

Is it also a coincidence that, according to NBC News, Adam Lanza's AR-15 rifle was left in his card and never used in the shooting at all?

Bank of America, a major financial partner in the Military-Industrial Complex, then set up an economic embargo against online gun parts manufacturers.

Then Facebook (a clandestine arm of the FBI/CIA/NSA) suddenly and without warning shut down the accounts of hundreds of prominent Second Amendment advocates, including

And is it a coincidence that ever since the Sikh Temple shooting, eye witnesses report MULTIPLE shooters (just like at the Aurora, CO theater shooting)? But only one "lone gunman" with wide eyes and a trail of super-convenient "evidence" to make any prosecution a slam dunk, which even in an insanity defense will lead to neutralization of the Manchurian candidate by pharmaceutical control?

What a sad world to live in when a shadowy government will do all that -- blatant false flag operations -- just to get their way with the least amount of struggle. Police and soldiers are not all involved. This is coming down from the top. But they are the ones executing the illegal orders, so the Nuremberg trial defense of "I was only following orders" may not be enough to protect them post police state. More

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It's really scary what money will make people do. Brainwashing.