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Japan used nuke, secret documents reveal

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Douglas Dietrich (dougleasdietrich.com), Host John B. Wells (facebook.com) (CoastToCoastAM.com)
Nuclear blast to stop military opponent? (How to Survive/secretsofsurvival.com)
Japanese/Shinto folklore is full of supernatural beings from the Kami Kitsune Okami Realm.
War crimes: US kills millions
Indian textbooks say "Japan nuked US," which may have happened. According to whistleblowing renegade military historian Douglas Dietrich, Japan built and used them against the Russian military. What other history were we never meant to know?

There is a great deal not told to the American public about World War II and subsequent military conflicts our government (CIA, military-industrial complex, Pentagon, Department of War/Defense, NSC, NSA).

China and Japan at odds
As a Defense Department research librarian at the Presidio Military Base in San Francisco, historian Douglas Dietrich was responsible for destroying (incinerating) highly classified materials on critical historical topics such as Pearl Harbor.

Earth's absorbed many nuclear blasts
These documents served as a source for some of the data he gathered and reveals. "There's no denying that the world is far different than what we've come to understand. Everyone looks on WW II as this good war, this fairy tale war, with a big bang ending," but it really was more like Vietnam with aspects lingering for years after 1945, Dietrich explains, noting that a peace treaty with Japan was not signed until 1951. 
At the end of WW II, the United States had 27 million citizens in uniform: The entire country was militarized, and the military did not want to lose their power and control. So they kept it going with false pretexts for wars in Korea and Vietnam [as well as Cambodia and Laos and elsewhere], and the continuation of the draft, Dietrich revealed.
Jewish Oblast flag rather than a gay rainbow
Dietrich contends that the Japanese developed nuclear bombs (aided by Jewish scientists they had helped resettle in a Jewish state, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, before the creation of modern Israel). After Nagasaki, they used these nuclear weapons to stop the Soviets in what is now the Korean demilitarized zone.

If the Japanese had developed and detonated atomic bombs, or other nuclear weapons, against the Russian Army, is it so farfetched that they repelled US military forces to defend themselves or to win a war of aggression? Pearl Harbor was allowed to happened, even invited, as a trap Japanese pilots realized too late. 

Fukushima fallout now affecting everyone
Far from a "surprise attack," it was used as a pretext for American involvement in the WW II and other secret attacks and counterattacks since then. For instance, the tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was threatened by US officials, according to the Japanese who did not believe Americans had developed such technology (HAARP) to manipulate weather and cause quakes remotely to follow through on their threats.
U.S. killers led by Satanic leadership?
Not only the U.S. and the Japanese but the Germans, too. Nazis had developed a nuclear bomb and fired an atomic warhead in Estonia "that stopped the Soviets cold; a mushroom cloud that was a full kilometer in diameter with continuous internalization of combustion led to electronic interference with instruments all the way back in London," Dietrich reveals from secret documents he was hired to destroy for the military.

For Satan
Commenting on why the American public has never learned of these nuclear bombings, Dietrich explains that we are only "told enough of the truth to uphold the lie." He also revealed Emperor Hirohito's usage of biological weapons and submarines. He began his expose on the Presidio military base by revealing that child molestation, sexual abuse, and Satanism took place when he worked there in the 1980s.
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The American military-industrial complex and its aiders and abettors committed atrocities against civilian noncombatants on a scale never before imagined (at least not since invaders attacked ancient India's Indus Valley Civilization with alien technology).

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