Monday, July 21, 2014

American Empire with Israel (video)

Wisdom Quarterly CGP Grey

We've made the USA our own private "Palestine," with a "Gaza," which is the world's largest open air prison and for us is a besieged set of concrete blocks we call a big city. Who are the Palestinians? Anyone who is convenient. Federal forces, like the IDF (a euphemism for Israel's offensive militants running riot over a captive, colonized people).

Just as the leader, PM Bibi Netanyahu, openly calls for "revenge" for the mysterious killing of three Israeli Jewish teens, calling for the death of Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular, so too our leaders call for revenge. Why other than revenge and greed did we enter Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran (secret incursions), Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan (and many other 'stans for the former USSR/Russian empire)?

Do we hate the Arabs and Muslims, which our CIA does so much to fund, back, and guide -- or are we just helping the friends of fundamentalist Christians, the liberal/unorthodox Jews, the "chosen" people of the Bible? (The more sincere and biblical Orthodox Jews get no respect).

People can love the idea of an "Israel" (another Israel already exists as a Russian oblast and has since WW II, and strong arguments can be made for the original "promised" land is not where it is presently claimed to be situated. The landmarks don't match, whereas there are places in Syria and Jordan and Ethiopia where they do match, but authenticity was never the name of the game. The British and the CIA did not create and build up a geopolitically strategic "Israel" in the Middle East because they cared about the Bible. (This is a strange echo of Buddhist history, where everything was moved east out of Muslim-dominated lands after Islamic invasions of famous Buddhist sites and countries). A former CIA official once openly claimed that "Israel is worth ten CIAs."
SoCoolScienceShow (July 5, 2014, edited by Wisdom Quarterly)
America isn't a democracy. (Just look up its "electoral college"). America isn't even a "republic" (i.e., consider the treatment of Native Americans, gays, blacks, and Japanese Americans in 1942). The Americas actually run like this: The federal government gets what it wants regardless of popular vote. Thank you, G.W. Bush for showing us that in 2000 and again four years later. Nor is there equal representation. Thank you, southern states, for showing us that gays are not allowed under the 14th amendment. The U.S. Constitution is a paradox. It claims to be the "supreme law" of the land. But the federal government has laws that supersede the most powerful law of the land. Thank you, NSA and CIA, for showing us that. Therefore, if the federal government gets what it wants and can supersede the people's rights, that makes America a totalitarian government. Vote authentic left (not Democrat but Green), libertarian (not Republican or Tea), or give up citizenship before that becomes illegal.

Jews abducting and burning innocent children alive? Shooting at and executing children guilty of throwing sticks and stones at occupying troops? Adult police attempting to kill American children? Killing Palestinian children. Sodomizing them in prison? Holding them in indefinite detention without charge for months and years. Torturing them in front of cameras in revenge attacks? Soldiers/paramilitary police taking selfies with signs saying they want revenge on Arabs? And training police chiefs from all over the United States to do the same? (Israel pays for police chiefs to fly to Israel and tour prisons, munitions factories, and get militarized with the help of Israeli contractors and weapons dealers).

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