Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Give me meditation or give me mantra (video)

Crystal Quintero, Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Jeanne Heileman (YogaVibes.com)
Seated meditation (Tess Photo/naturealmom.com)
Mantra and meditation may seem mysterious, even overwhelming. But yoga instructor Jeanne Heileman dissolves any anxiety related to the mystery. Experience yoga online. “The biggest thing is to experience it,” says Heileman.

The uses of mantra (yogavibes.com)

She discusses the uses and importance of mantra, as well as the many different kinds and options. To practice mantra, follow up this discussion up with the following online yoga videos.

Online Vinyasa Yoga class with Jeanne Heileman (youtube.com/yogavibes.com)

Finding Our Voice
Explore the use of mantra with a practice that focuses on aspects of the fifth chakra, which is connected to sound and vibration. Students in a class vocalize the mantra "So Hum" while moving through Sun Salutations and other yoga poses. At times, things get quiet when silently repeating the mantra. This is when one feels the vibrational quality the mantra provides. This class leads to Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) and Matseyasana (Fish Pose). It may seem simple on the outside, but the students reported that the experience was very powerful on the inside. Follow up this transformative experience with try Heileman's Mantra for Meditation (55 minutes).

The energetic throat chakra gives us our voice  (youtube.com/yogavibes.com)

Meditation and yoga with Jeanne Heileman and Tara (yogavibes.com)
Mantra for Meditation
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Spiritual mothering (naturealmom.com)
Everything vibrates, either on a slow, dull level or a faster, lighter frequency. The vibration of our speech comes from the vibrations of our respiratory system, which are a result of the vibrations from our thoughts. If we can begin to control (restrain) the vibrations in our mind, it can eventually ripple outward past our speech and into our actions and karmic destiny.

Mantra can be powerful. In this online meditation class, the mantra "So Hum" is offered, after some Pranayama (Breath Control) to help establish a focused environment. It is a simple, safe, and extremely powerful mantra that works in alignment with any spiritual/religious perspective. It can also help fill the void if no perspective exists. This meditation is a wonderful option for a mind that is racing and difficult to concentrate. It is also wonderful for low self-esteem when we feel we lack outer support. The effects of the mantra in time after many, many repetitions (24 mins).

Mantra is yet another amazing tool to get our limited conscious mind out of the way -- so as to re-pattern and re-wire it out of negativity and harmful habits in a subtle and effective way. Tap into your grace, goodness, and divinity, while transforming and raise one's vibration. More

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