Friday, January 12, 2018

Free one-day meditation retreat (Jan. 20)

Ananda M. (, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Yoga in nature and the roof of the center
We are having a FREE One-Day Respite and Retreat at the beautiful Thabarwa Nature Center.

We recently co-organized our first meditation retreat at the Thabarwa Nature Center, a serene Buddhist temple with a library, indoor walking meditation hall, nature trails, male and female dorms, outdoor spaces, hiking in the Cleveland National Forest and Santa Rosa Plateau.

Some of us went on a hike with a monk (WQ).
The center is situated on the mountainside with a wonderful 360 degree view of the lake from the meditation hall.
Beautiful Lake Elsinore recently filled with Southern California rains on nearby forest
We have a schedule of group meditation, sharing, activities, and lunch. Feel free to bring compassionate vegan foods, veggies, fruits to share or donate to the retreat or the center. The choice is yours!
The first retreat was a great success!
We will be organizing carpooling if transportation is an issue. The center is an easy drive from Los Angeles and Orange County. Bring walking shoes, water bottle, yoga mat. 

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