Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ancient Aryans and the Ramayana (video)

Robert Sepehr (Atlantean Gardens); Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

The Ramayana is an ancient epic poem of the Vedic period that remains famous in modern India and Southeast Asia.

The story is about King Rama who must save his kidnapped wife from the demon (Asura) King Ravana of [Sri] Lanka.

Aided by an army of monkeys, Rama reaches the end of subcontinent land and wants to cross over the strait to the island of Lanka.

Among his army a monkey-hybrid named Nala then leads the construction of a causeway across the ocean to Lanka, collecting logs of wood and giant boulders the monkeys cast into the water to build this bridge.
The actual land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka as identified from air/space.

King Rama and the monkey chiefs on the bridge to Lanka (

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