Sunday, May 5, 2019

Forgotten history of Cinco de Mayo (video)

The History Guy: History, May 5, 2017; Pfc. Sandoval, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly
Let's talk we eat. We'll have corm chips, salsa ("sauce"), and tamales.

Emperor Maximilian I and the forgotten history of Cinco de Mayo
In "Maximilian I and May the 5th" The History Guy remembers the history of Cinco de Mayo ("Fifth of May") and the War of French Intervention. WARNING: This episode was made for educational purposes and all events are presented in the context of history. It contains period paintings of war and the events described, which some viewers may find disturbing.
Image extracted from the book by Vicente Riva Palacio, Julio Zárate (1880) "México a través de los siglos" Tomo III: "La guerra de independencia" (1808-1821). WIKI

Mexico's new "common man" president [Andres Obrador] hit the ground running (AP).

The History Guy uses images that are in the public domain. As photographs of actual events are often not available, he sometimes uses photographs of similar events or objects for illustration. Skip Intro: 00:10,
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