Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hey, American Fatso, look at this (video)

Fault Lines, Al Jazeera English, 11/19/10; Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America
Oh no, I am always craving junk food!
Obesity in America has reached a crisis point. Two out of every three (2/3) Americans are overweight. One out of every three (1/3) is obese. One in three (1/3) is expected to have diabetes by 2050.

Minorities have been even more profoundly affected: African-Americans have a 50 percent higher prevalence of obesity, and Hispanics 25 percent higher compared to whites. How did the situation get so out of hand?

On this episode of Fault Lines, Josh Rushing explores the world of cheap fast food for Americans living on the margins. What opportunities do people have to eat healthy? Who is responsible for "food deserts" and processed foods in American schools? Fault Lines finds food revolutions taking place and speaks with the people who are fighting back.
People featured in this film: Marion Nestle, Marlene Schwartz, John Bode, Nelson Eusebio, J. Justin Wilson, Dr. Olajide Williams, Lauren Von Der Pool, Julie Paradis, Cathal Armstrong, Ed Bruske. Twitter.com/AJFaultLines, Facebook.com/AJFaultLines, Instagram.com/AJFaultLines. See all episodes of Fault Lines: youtube.com/show/faultlines. Meet the Fault Lines Team: http://aje.me/ZhfAbH.

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