Monday, May 27, 2019

Magic is REAL! (video)

Shin Lim, Jonathan Burns (Penn & Teller Fool Us); Ashley Wells, S.Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Magic with Cheese by Jonathan Burns
Jonathan Burns attempts to fool professional stage magicians Penn and Teller by playing with his food using magic and wind chimes. Penn & Teller Fool Us, S4 E2, originally aired July 20, 2017., facebook.

Shin Lim [uses spirits to move cards]
(Shin Lim, July 14, 2015) Learn about the full act here: "We didn't even know how you vanished the motherf*n marker" exclaims Penn Jillette. "The Dream Act" is available now with music by Hans Zimmer, "Time," and Zach Hemsey, "Mind Heist." Follow on instagram, facebook, twitter, and to book him, contact:

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