Thursday, May 2, 2019

Get to or from LAX for only $5 (instructions); Shoestring Travel Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is L.A.'s biggest airport, one of the most used in the U.S.

It is far from many miles from most destinations, because L.A. is not really a city. It is an enormous megalopolis of about 50 cities and countless neighborhoods.

So people spend a lot on taxis (the worst choice), Uber and Lyft (convenient but overpriced choices), limousines (vans), and rides from friends and family. No public transportation was built all the way to the airport -- but this is all right because there is a cheap way to get to and from the airport.
In fact, there are three transportation options to get to and from LAX Airport into your destination in the city.
  • CHEAP: all Metro Rail (costs $1.50, $3.00, or $4.50)
  • REASONABLE: The FlyAway Bus and Metro Rail $8.50 
  • EXPENSIVE: private taxi cab $45 and up.
How to get into L.A. using Metro Rail
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TRAIN: Getting into town from LAX via Metro Rail is very cheap. BUT it requires a free shuttle bus ride (5:00 AM to midnight) and changing Metro trains.

However, the change of trains is a good thing because once you're connected to the Metro rail system, you have easy access to explore the many diverse neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area, which include:
  • Hollywood
  • Beverly Hills
  • Santa Monica/Venice
  • other beaches
  • Pasadena
  • The Valley
  • Long Beach (next to OC)
  • Downtown L.A.
  • Hsi Lai Temple, Hacienda Heights
For additional information on things to do or seeing Los Angeles by rail, go to LA Adventures: Eclectic Day Trips by Metro Rail through Los Angeles and Beyond.

Overview: Go cheap by Metro train

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