Monday, July 8, 2019

Satanic pedophiles of Hollywood (audio)

Sloan Bella (, 7/7/19); Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
Follow the fashions Hollywood sets
Hollywood actor Christian Bale's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes included a thank you to Satan for giving him inspiration. Satanists were thrilled.

Metaphysician Sloan Bella has done extensive research into the influence Satanism has on Hollywood. She joins C2C Guest Host Richard Syrett to reveal how Lucifer has his grips on Hollywood.

"I always knew the world was run by Satanists and pedophiles," she explains. According to Bella, homeless transient kids on the streets of Hollywood were picked up by Luciferian practitioners, including powerful industry-insiders and well-known comedians.

It was such a trend everyone was talking about it, she adds. "I would hear about certain things that would go on, and it involved younger people, and it involved certain types of...ritual," Bella reports, noting that these street kids were heavily drugged before the rituals.

There are numerous people in positions of great power in Hollywood who worship Satan and even perform blood sacrifices, she continues. They tend to have a great fa├žade, so most cannot sense their evil. Their goal is to increase their money, energy, and worldly power.

Luciferian managers/handlers use blackmail to control artists' career and earnings, Bella discloses during the interview. She also points out that Lucifer's spirit minions are always on the prowl to attach to physical bodies in order to live and feel things within the Earth's human realm. AUDIO

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