Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Buddhism is a medicine without expiry date"

The teaching of the Buddha is like a medicine without an expiry date and one can use them to become happy anytime anywhere, said a young monk here.

Speaking on the relevance of Buddha's teachings on the concluding day of a month-long Buddha Jayanti celebration here today, the monk of Mahabodhi Society of Theraveda Centre of Tawang Panya Rakkhita said that whenever and wherever one felt depressed one could try the Buddha's teachings as medicine. "Even after 2,500 years they still work."

The monk said people and the way of living had changed a lot. "Science and technology have provided many items for our comfort. But have we become happier than before?"

Buddha identified the reasons of all our unhappiness and advised us to cleanse our mind and get rid of greed and jelousy in this very life.

"Our problems lie in our mind and there exist the solutions too. But most of us blame the outside world and other people. So me take to drinking alcohol for temporary relief but it aggravates the problem," he said.

Altogether 3,000 fish were released in rivers, fruits distributed among patients in hospitals, lamps of wisdom lit, hymns recited by the monks during the month-long celebration at the local Gompa. / Press Trust of India / Itanagar, June 18, 2008

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