Thursday, January 22, 2015

Should I get annual "flu shots"?

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
Just shut up and take it. - Is has what in it? Five reasons to say NO (
No way should anyone tolerate or give in to the fear surrounding promotional campaigns by well meaning people and pharmaceutical profiteers for regular flu shots. Those strains have little if anything to do with what strain of virus is actually present in a given year. Big pharmaceutical manufacturers just GUESS as to what bug may be coming. And although they are almost always wrong, they get doctors and outlets to suggest the profit-making shots anyway just as a needless precaution.

Rather than promoting health, healthy lifestyles, or actual countermeasures for a disease we face, instead our immune systems are further compromised and burdened just when we need them to do what nature intended! Free flu shots are toxic and have not been scientifically (or etiologically) demonstrated to prevent getting the flu. Children and seniors are weaker and therefore need less burdens placed on them, but anyone forcing them to get these shots is putting them in harm's way with a good motive.

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What is bad karma? "Bad" karma is acting motivated by greed, aversion/fear, or delusion. We say our motive for an action is "good" because we care. But if we are motivated by delusion (wrong view, ignorance), we are performing and accruing bad karma.

Our motive, if it is deluded, is not a "good" motive. This is true even if we pat ourselves on the back for doing what the TV or a pharmacist tells us to do. WE are responsible for OUR action. It does not matter what anyone else says or thinks. If we do it, we are responsible. Therefore, we have to think even as we accept advice from others. 

Measles? Too bad. Sue us. Ha ha ha.
Disneyland just got worse. Disney, Inc. already corrupts us in our youth and ruins kids everywhere. But now it spreads disease, too. Oh, Mickey, how could you?!
Disney measles outbreak has parents scrambling to vaccinate kids [despite risks and harm]
VIDEO: Vaccines did not prevent outbreak
vaccine measles injection vaccination
(El Avia/flickr)
Disneyland contaminates people with measles: CNN propaganda says vaccines will protect everyone. There's an outbreak of measles at the theme park, and one of California's top public health officials is still backing vaccinations as if vaccinated people were not at danger. Children under 12 months and people who have never had a measles should stay away from the park while the disease outbreak continues.

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