Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Victory against racism in Ferguson!

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
Chief, can I shoot this black b-t-- getting in my face? I feel she's reaching for my gun, and I have to make it home to my family tonight. - No, dummy, the camera's right on you! Shoot her in the dark later with no white witnesses, and get all the cell phones. (PW)
A racist police force has been dismantled and with it a corrupt and racist court system. Today the chief of police of Ferguson, Missouri -- site of the atrocious execution of a disobedient, unarmed black teen, guilty of not submitting quickly enough to gouging and the city's "poor tax" with the abuse of a safe street walking regulation by the murderer --  "resigned."

Mike Brown means stand up, be counted, fight back, that is, undermine racist power.
He was under pressure after a federal investigation resulted in what Attorney General Eric Holder characterizes as a "scathing" report from the U.S. (Federal) Department of Justice documenting racist abuses and financial exploitation. It turns out the reason a Ferguson approached innocent and unarmed black teen Michael Brown was to hassle and illegally ticket him to make money for the City of Ferguson as the police chief wanted all his officers doing.

Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!
Why? Because the city manager was on his back to increase revenue by any means necessary, and what better means does a racist police chief have than to strong arm the local non-white population? Many whites in the community did not even know the practice existed, but it exists all over the country including Los Angeles. It's only news to those not oppressed by police on a daily basis like, say, the residents of LA's Skid Row.

The system works (for me). I got away with murder! The police chief and prosecutor know it. But I might be dragged into civil court and not enjoy my ill-gotten gains for selling my story to the mainstream media. U.S. racism is alive and well (AP).
The pretext was a rule to walk closer to the curb (apparently no sidewalks are provided). "Closer" than what? Closer than whatever the ticketing officer says you were walking. See, it's a "poor tax," the racist harassment of blacks by an almost exclusively white police force for a tiny city that funds itself in part on revenue generated by a corrupt police state and a kangaroo court system eager to jail any black person who cannot or will not pay unlawful fines imposed not meant to deter crime but to profit from those least able to defend themselves against police lies.
[The murderer] lied by saying everything he was trained to say. His story doesn't even make sense, but the prosecutor (DA) did not present those inconsistencies to the grand jury he convened when effectively serving as his de facto defense attorney (Judy Bloom/

The choice to execute a black teen about to be ticketed was just a privilege of being a white officer on the job because the district attorney and police chief and mayor would all collude in the murder to protect the profitable system. And these, then, are living examples of what we often generically call "the powers that be." Wait. This just in. A policeman has been shot in the face, another one's down. This story is not ending any time soon.
Killing Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in NY, Ezell Ford in LA, and this massive demonstration in Foley Square was one result of a nation tired of police brutality and excessive force, Dec. 4, 2914 (AP).

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