Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Violent cops, Trump protests, anarchy (video)

"It is total anarchy in the streets right now; they're blowing things up. There's mace going" (Min. 3:45) -- idiotic blond video journalist Lauren, as she attempts to conflate police violence against victims as coming from the victims. "Don't let hate win" a sign reads, which she feels is hypocrisy against whites and those who love Pres. Trump.

WASHINGTON, DC (mainstream media feed called the AP) - Protesters set fires and hurled bricks in a daylong assault on the city hosting Trump's inauguration, registering their rage against the new president in a series of clashes that resulted in more than 200 arrests [many for "felony rioting" with a 10-year prison sentence, indefinite cell phone confiscation, detention, macing]. Police used pepper spray and stun grenades to [create chaos and then] prevent the chaos from spilling into Trump's formal procession and evening balls. More

"Rage, rage against the dying of our rights."
- protest sign caught by AP (see at top)

(Ex-worker Podcast) Alt-right, racist, White Nationalist (Neo-Nazi) Richard Spencer punched in the face, which is wrong, and nobody should be punched in the face or silenced. Free speech for all!
We're nonviolent, guys. Put on a pussyhat and demonstrate on the side of love (DN).
Is Trump a divisive figure? What's "divisive"?

You know, does he divide people, the nation, the world? Yeah.

Has it led to violence around his inauguration and the many marches against him around the world? Pretty much.

The fake flag from the false flag operation
Is it fair to use violence against violence, feed hate more hate, fight fire with fire? "Fair," I don't know. Effective? Probably not.

Probably? No, it's definitely not. But people are mad. People hate Trump and the fascist police forces that get trained and sent out to inflict violence.

Late Night with Seth Meyers: A Closer look at the Anti-Trump rallies in DC and the US (because DC is not in the US; look it up).
Look the other way; we're not a police state.
So We the People are defending themselves? We're reacting.

Well, knock it off. Sure, you tell them. When people are p*ssed, you can count on impassioned reacting over reasoned responses to a problem.

Armored vehicles will fight demonstrators.
What's the "problem"? Trump and all he represents is the problem.

There you have it, why things happen. And remember, kids, don't punch Nazis. Don't punch anybody. Racist Trump supporters at rallies punch people.

Violent paramilitary police throw grenades at civilian demonstrators at protest (AP)
American imperialism in Haiti at a crossroads, Feb. 4 (kpfk.org/sotrueradio.org)
Celebrating David Bowie, Wiltern, LA, Jan. 25th (concerts1.livenation.com)

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